[Jeux vidéo] The news of the week: Blizzard, Hadopi, Pretty Simple …

by bold-lichterman

The Hadopi which has its eye on the video game sector… Blizzard which offers itself the e-sport expertise of IGN Pro League teams… The use of consoles to connect a TV to the Internet… Zoom on gaming news video of the week.

The Hadopi launches a call for tenders for the realization of a study on “the relationship of video game players to the creation of video games and related rights”

The High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet launched last week a call for tenders the object of which is the realization of a “study combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies, with the aim of better understanding the relationship of video game players (whether physical or dematerialized video games) to the creation of games video and related rights. “

Responsible for the fight against piracy and illegal downloading, we can therefore think that Hadopi seeks, through this “qualitative and quantitative” study to determine and quantify the practices of French players at the level in particular of legal offers and of course the hacking games.

Blizzard offers the IGN Pro League teams, organizer of electronic sport competitions

After the announcement of the organization of World Championship Series dedicated to Starcraft II, Blizzard, developer and publisher of the successful Starcraft and Warcraft games, has taken a further step in the field of e-sports with the purchase of IGN’s assets Pro League, subsidiary of IGN Entertainment. Blizzard thus offers itself the skills of the IPL teams, two months after the announcement of the cancellation of IGN Pro League 6, the flagship competition of electronic sport.

If Blizzard should definitely bury the competition, the IPL teams will allow the studio to improve the integration of its products within e-sports competitions.


Also this week …

After the launch last week by Fleur Pellerin and Aurélie Filippetti ofa working group on the video game sector, FrenchWeb looks back on this initiative with Serge Versillé, from the Pretty Simple studio, who shows his satisfaction.

Médiamétrie is publishing the results of its NetRatings study on the mobile internet audience in France this week in February. We learn in particular that 42% of mobile users are connected to an application or a mobile site in the category of “online games”.

Our expert Hubert Munyazikwiye decrypts this week the use of Wine (the new social network launched by the Twitter teams, which allows the production of video clips of 6 seconds maximum) by the publishers of the MLB13 baseball video game.

The studies of the week:

  • 19.3% of households whose TV is connected to the Internet are connected via a game console

27% of households have a TV connected to the Internet reveals the quarterly study on TV uses of NPD DisplaySearch conducted in France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, United Kingdom and United States. These connections are made in 19.3% of cases via a home console, 17.1% via a multimedia box, 16.3% by a DVD / Blu-ray player while only 10.2% of consumers use a Smart TV to connect to the Internet and 6.3% a connected TV.

Infographic of the week:

  • 64% of mobile users buy at least one mobile game each month

This is what this infographic produced by Android and Nvidia reveals. We learn that nearly 25% of respondents have more than 15 games installed on their mobile, that nearly 20% of them have downloaded at least 5 paid games, games whose value is in a third of cases between 3 and $ 5.


Jobs in video games: