Jérémie Mani (Netino by Webhelp): “It’s the end of the honeymoon on social networks”

by bold-lichterman

The last few years have been trying to say the least for social networks, Facebook and Twitter in the lead. Between their involuntary contribution to Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential campaign and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which still continues to shake Mark Zuckerberg’s firm today, these platforms are currently going through a difficult period, which calls into question their status and relevance.

Great tools to bring people together around the world, they have today become the tools of choice for troll factories to dump “fake news” and shake up Western democracies. “We are witnessing the teenage crisis of social media», Estimates Jérémie Mani, CEO of Netino by Webhelp.

“The public authorities have seized on the subject”

Founded in 2002, the French company, specializing in moderating online conversations, is indeed a privileged observer of the evolution of social networks, from their birth in the 2000s to the crisis they are experiencing today. On a playing field that has evolved significantly over the past decade, Netino is working to support brands in moderating exchanges with their customers on the platforms where they are present. If at the start the most active customers on social networks respected the rules in force to create a community space, the situation has changed with the democratization of these platforms, and the abuses that this has caused, in particular hate speech.

While the threat of regulation of social networks has never been greater, Jérémie Mani notes that “the public authorities seized on the subject“While noting”a lack of legal means to prosecute people making serious comments“, Which helped to develop”a feeling of impunity on social networks“. Acquired by Webhelp at the end of 2016, Netino nurtures strong ambitions in a rapidly changing market. The company relies in particular on artificial intelligence to clean up discussions on platforms. “There must not be a duality between human and robot», Warns Jérémie Mani. And to add: “The key to success will come from the coordination between the two.