Jeff Bezos’ fortune hits $ 100 billion thanks to Black Friday

by bold-lichterman

Jeff Bezos’ personal fortune never ceases to reach new heights. After becoming the richest person in the world last October, dethroning Bill Gates, the boss of Amazon has just taken a new step. And for good reason, his personal fortune now stands at $ 100.3 billion, according to the indicator Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Since the start of the year, Jeff Bezos’ fortune has climbed $ 32.6 billion, the largest increase in the daily ranking of the world’s 500 richest people. Bloomberg.

To achieve such a performance, Jeff Bezos benefited from the enthusiasm generated by Black Friday. According to data from Adobe Analytics, online purchases during this day of overconsumption are up 18.4% this year compared to 2016. Enough to whet the appetite of investors, whose confidence in Amazon does that get stronger over the months. The share of the American marketplace has climbed 52% in one year and 386% in the space of five years. Result, thanks to this extraordinary surge, Jeff Bezos is today the first man to see his personal fortune pass the symbolic milestone of 100 billion dollars since Bill Gates in 1999.

Jeff Bezos fortune hits 100 billion thanks to Black
Source: Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Jeff Bezos, future philanthropist?

Now Jeff Bezos is well ahead of Microsoft’s co-founder and his $ 89.1 billion fortune, which has grown by $ 6.71 billion this year. However, it could have reached 150 billion dollars if Bill Gates had not sold nearly 700 million shares held at Microsoft and $ 2.9 billion in cash for charities. With Warren Buffet, third richest person in the world with a fortune of 78.7 billion dollars, he launched in 2006 the program “The Giving Pledge”, which envisages that the wealthy individuals adhering to it donate at least half of their fortune to charity.

Philanthropy is an area in which Jeff Bezos has recently taken his first steps. Last June, he polled his community on Twitter to ask for ideas on how to help people. On the other hand, if there is one area in which the boss of Amazon is already very involved, it is that of the conquest of space with his company Blue Origin. Last April, he declared that he sold a billion dollars of his shares in Amazon every year to finance his aerospace firm.