Jean-Michel Billaut wants to start the fiber revolution in Villiers le Mahieu!

by bold-lichterman

Should we still present Jean-Michel Billaut, tutelary figure of the French Internet? As a reminder, you elected him on Frenchweb as the best possible successor to NKM last November.

Jean Michel Billaut wants to start the fiber revolution in VilliersOf the’Workshop BNP Paribas in the fiber plan of Pau,ACSEL at Billaut Show, (his complete work), the very high-speed retiree retired 45 kilometers west of Paris in the charming village of Villiers le Mahieu, 623 inhabitants at the last census. It is from this village of Yvelines that he relentlessly pursues his crusade for the deployment of optical fiber throughout the territory with the hope of making his village the starting point of a new ultra-connected rural economic dynamic. .

Interview with the irreducible defender of fiber.