Jean-Luc Bernard, the founder of Netwave, raises 900,000 euros

by bold-lichterman

Netwave, a company specializing in web boosting for e-commerce sites, has just completed 900,000 euros with its historical investors, who today remain anonymous. The 11 investors are business angels, who have invested tickets of 80,000 euros on average.

This new fundraising brings the amount of funds raised in less than a year to over € 3,700.00. Proof that the inductive situational analysis tool developed by Netwave arouses the interest of part of the market. Netwave has worked over 10 years on a big data technology based on click tracking, and the collection of information that makes it possible to give recommendations to the Internet user on his purchasing journey (promotions, specific product pages …), and therefore increase the conversion rate of client sites. This is particularly the case with CDiscount, but also, more recently, with the Europcar site and that of Delamaison, which have just implemented the Netwave solution.

“This acceleration will allow us to focus on business development. We want to reach 40 sites quickly, which is double our current portfolio. We are also going to allocate part of the tests to new uses: certain market players are interested in our DMP (Data Management Platform). Although we are not intended to be a dissemination platform, we will have the opportunity to provide targetors and programmatic players with the right message to send to their target. ”, Confides Jean-Luc Bernard, CEO and founder of Netwave.

Average response time: 56 milliseconds

Today, Netwave Booster, the SaaS solution, is getting some interesting figures. For example, on the first morning of sales for one of Netwave’s biggest e-commerce clients, the solution managed more than 2 million connections in a few hours, generated millions of recommendations, and 15 million web services. “The average response time is today observed at 56 milliseconds at Netwave, against 300 displayed by Adobe in the interaction between a brand and the Internet user”, points out Jean-Luc Bernard. He finds that 50% of e-merchants who adopted personalization saw their conversion rate increase by 10%.

On the market, we also find RichRelevance. The American provides a solution similar to that of Netwave, and has been implementing it within the PriceMinister platform for two years.

Jean-Luc Bernard seems determined: “Today we know how to capture the state of mind of an Internet user. We now want to capture his motivation, ”he explains.

The company, based in Labège near Toulouse which employs 20 people and has a turnover of more than 1.2 million euros, wants to see bigger and is considering another fundraising for early 2015, when it will wait for its breakeven point. Next step: international. Hence the interest for Netwave to sign with big names in e-commerce, who have this international potential. The young shoot is also in the process of negotiating with a major mail-order company from Lille…

Watch the interview with Jean-Luc Bernard from Netwave, in Toulouse in September 2013