JCDecaux chooses London to launch a major data offensive

by bold-lichterman

JCDecaux unveiled its new strategy outdoor thought for London. The leader in outdoor advertising will deploy 1,000 digital screens in the British capital on the largest advertising bus shelter concession in the world. 84 inches tall, the surface area of ​​the new screens will be 40% greater than those currently present in the London Digital Network, said the French group. in a press release.

On Oxford Street, one of the city’s most commercial axes, the group will install bus shelters with double-sided screens. Another advance highlighted is the use of “big data” and “a new smart offer system”. “SmartBrics” will be based on data analyzed by British agency CACI to target campaigns. The other solicited agency, for what seems to be an advertising revolution for JCDecaux, is Road. Objective of the Frenchman: “to send the right message on the right screen to the right place and at the right time”.

London, before Paris

JCDecaux therefore does not only present new innovative street furniture. In London, the group is embarking on a new advertising route, with a lot of targeting, analysis and programmatic. JCDecaux did not choose the London market at random for these new solutions. In Paris, the group had wiped at the end of September a refusal by the CNIL to test a new method of recovering mobile pedestrian data, on the forecourt of La Défense. JCDecaux was looking to trace pedestrians by wifi to measure the impact of its advertising screens.

“With more than 50% of its advertising revenues in the United Kingdom coming from digital by 2017, JCDecaux wants to make London the global showcase for digital outdoor advertising”, highlighted Jean-François Decaux, Chairman of the Management Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux

On its Twitter accounts in France as in Great Britain, the company communicates extensively on its deployment in London.

In 2014, the group posted sales up 5.1% to 2.8 billion euros.