Jam uses artificial intelligence to meet the needs of students

by bold-lichterman

Jam wants to find answers to the little problems of everyday life. This service, which answers questions asked by students by SMS or Facebook Messenger, now boasts more than 11,000 users, with growth of 1% to 2% per day. The questions can relate to finding an apartment, a job, an internship or an idea for an outing. Jam ensures to provide, on average, a response within 5 minutes, or an hour at most.

To achieve this, the system responds to students to refine their exact request. For example, for a dwelling, it will be a question of determining the place, the surface or the budget. For these exchanges, Jam has artificial intelligence technology that is supported by a team of people. The answer is then sought by grafting Jam to the APIs of SeLoger or PAP for example.

To remunerate itself, the company approaches companies which recruit students – like the delivery service Deliveroo for example – or which publish offers of internship in order to propose their advertisements. “Today, 40% of our requests concern internships, a small job, a first job or even missions“. More details with Marjolaine Grondin, the founder of Jam.

Founder: Marjolaine Grondin

The head office : Paris

Creation date : 2012

Launch date of the service by SMS and Facebook Messenger: April 2015

Effective : 7 people

Market : student services

Funding: 330,000 euros raised

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