iTunes Match arrives in France: when the cloud whitens your mp3s …

by bold-lichterman

Launched in the United States a month ago, iTunes Match is now available in France and throughout Europe.

iTunes Match arrives in France when the cloud whitens your

As the name suggests the new offer ofApple aims to match songs in the user’s library with those for sale on the iTunes Store. The service therefore allows users to convert their music library to AAC 256 kbps format and send it to Apple brand servers.

Thus, for 24.99 euros per year, all recognized titles sent to the cloud become accessible from any device… Apple of course! The productions of independent artists not found in the iTunes catalog (with more than 20M titles) will, for their part, be sent to the user’s iCloud account.

The new service therefore makes it possible to convert songs purchased on the online store, but also songs digitized from a CD or even illegally downloaded music.

Indeed, if the user agrees to use iTunes Match only with legally acquired content, there is no technical means to verify which titles have been downloaded legally or not. Thus, Internet users who have a music library mainly composed of MP3 titles downloaded from illegal sites may very well replace all these MP3 files in ACC format for better listening quality and a potential amnesty …