It’s heating up between marketing professionals and programmatic

by bold-lichterman

  • 86% of marketers expect to have a good return on their programmatic spend in 2016, 10 points lower than in 2015.
  • Conversely, 48% believe that programmatic is a risky investment, i.e. 17% less than in 2015.
  • Three quarters of professionals do not plan to reduce their spending on programmatic.

Although advertisers are allocating a growing share of their budget to programmatic advertising, the perceived return on this investment appears to be declining. In 2015, 95% of marketers believed programmatic was performing well. They are indeed only 86% this year, if we are to believe the results of the recent study “The evolving perception of online marketplace quality in programmatic advertising“, produced by ExchangeWire and OpenX.

Along with this drop in confidence, marketers also have a better perception of the risk associated with this type of expense. Where 58% of respondents believed in 2015 that programmatic was the riskiest investment in their profession, they are only 48% to share this opinion in 2016, a decrease of 17%, again according to the same study. So where do the fears of marketing professionals come from?


Professionals who better understand the challenges of programmatic

First surprise of the study: despite their concerns about the performance of programmatic, three quarters of advertisers do not plan to reduce their investments in this area.

This is because marketers understand better what programmatic is that they now have a more accurate view of what the tool can do for them, according to the study’s authors.

But it is also because they have had the experience of buying advertising via private marketplaces (PMPs), without noticing any real increase in the quality of the traffic generated. Indeed, the study shows a 61% increase in the number of respondents agreeing that advertising purchases via PMPs do not guarantee better quality of traffic.


The quality of mobile traffic, a major issue for programmatic

Another finding of the study, it is on mobile that the question of the quality of the traffic generated by marketplaces arises the most. Indeed, 88% of respondents believe that the issue of quality is important or even very important for mobile display, and 84% for mobile videos.


** Methodology: 107 digital marketing professionals around the world were interviewed by email during the month of July. 44% of respondents come from the EMEA zone (Europe, Middle-East, Africa), 35% from the United States, and 21% from the Asia-Pacific zone.

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