IT sales fell 8.3% in the last quarter in France

by bold-lichterman

The smartphone market tends to polarize between entry-level and high-end.

Sales of electronic products are not in good shape in France if we believe the latest study by GfK on the subject which reports a drop of 12% in the fourth quarter of last year, to 1.498 billion euros in turnover compared to the same period a year earlier. One of the main causes: the plunge in television sales (-15% on average over the first three quarters) which however seem to be entering a stabilization phase in the last quarter (-7.7%).

If the palm of the most significant decline goes to photo products (-21.4%), IT is also gray with a contraction of 8.3% to 7.5 billion euros. Not surprisingly, the decline in laptops (-19%) has shifted to the benefit of tablets (+ 12%).

The telecoms sector has meanwhile almost stagnated (-1%) but the smartphone market is “polarized”, according to the firm, between entry-level handsets less than 200 euros, often purchased by consumers who subscribe to a subscription without commitment, and the high-end segment “which revolves around a few flagship products”.

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