iProtego monitors the online reputation of businesses and individuals

by bold-lichterman

To remove annoying content from the internet, it has been around since 2014 the right to be forgotten form. According to Google statistics, nearly one in five requests concerns a French person.

In France, the company iProtego takes care of removing content deemed inappropriate. Founded in 2009 by Ludovic Broyer, the company has developed various services including Osculteo, which analyzes everything about a person or a company on the Internet. “To monitor your e-reputation, you will have to regularly, very regularly look at what appears on your name and on the keywords that may be associated with your name»Explains Ludovic Broyer, founder of iProtego.

Everything cannot be deleted

For businesses, the company deals in particular with issues related to unfair competition or to fairly disparaging press articles. As for the general public, the information wishing to be deleted concerns harassment or old press clippings. Nevertheless, Ludovic Broyer warns. Not all information can be deleted. They are simply removed from the first pages of search.

Ranked 401st in FrenchWeb 500 published in March 2017, iProtego claims nearly 3.5 million users including 129,000 individuals who use the Osculteo solution.

Founder: Ludovic Broyer

Launch: 2011

Seat : Marseilles

Activity: digital identity protection solutions