IPhone and iPad take a comfortable seat in the business market

by bold-lichterman

Faced with the rise of Apple, brands like BlackBerry have decided to (re) position themselves in the segment of smartphones for professionals. But it is clear that the apple firm also dominates B2B sales. According to a study of Good Technology, iOS represented 72% of new device activations in the first quarter of 2015, far ahead of Android, which saw its market share stand at 26%, and Windows Phone, which played at the margin (around 1%).

Apple dominates in education, Android in energy

And if we focus on the only tablet market among professionals, Apple’s mobile operating system occupied 81% of the market in the first three months of the year (compared to 92% a year earlier) , against respectively 15% and 4% for those of Google and Microsoft.

Tim Cook’s firm is largely dominant in certain sectors. The study highlights in particular education (83% of new device activations), the public sector and financial services (76%), while Android scores points in the high-tech sector (47%) or energy (44%).

Partnership with IBM

Apple announced in July 2014 that it wanted to strengthen its position in the professional market by offering specifically dedicated solutions. For this, the Cupertino company had partnered with IBM, its rival of yesteryear (the famous advertisement of 1984 referred, without mentioning it by name, to Big Blue). A significant partner since the firm has focused on the B2B professional market since the sale of its PC division to Chinese Lenovo in 2005.

IBM and Apple have launched several applications at destination professionals from a multitude of sectors including health, transport, insurance or even commerce. The agreement also allows IBM to market iPhones and iPads already equipped with key applications to its customers.