IoT: which profiles are companies interested in?

by bold-lichterman

While the Internet of Things is booming, companies will need many skills in the coming years, especially in data security (chief data management officer, etc.). To know more, Frenchweb interviewed Frederique d’Orgeval, associate director at the recruitment firm Blue-Search, and Adrien Bignon, head of the digital division of Mushroom.

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What are the key positions to have in the connected objects company?

Founded in 1999 by Pierre Cannet, Blue-Search is a digital recruitment firm that is positioned in the online marketing sector, E-CRM, new technologies, studio, editorial, business development …

frederique-dorgeval idetosen-blue-search-1Frederique d’Orgeval, associate director of Blue-Search: At the present time, it is mainly data analysis experts who are the most sought after to structure the vast quantities of data and to be able to extract use values ​​from it.

IT profiles with skills in artificial intelligence are also in great demand, they allow communication between terminals and the implementation of decision-making reflexes by connected objects.

In addition, since security is a key issue for the IoT, network and cloud experts are major players in ensuring data protection. User confidence will drive the future development of IoT.

Based in Paris, Mushroom is a recruitment firm that presents itself as a firm of “headhunters specializing in the recruitment of communication, marketing and digital players”.

adrien-bignon-mushroom-1Adrien Bignon, head of Mushroom’s digital division: Within a company producing connected objects, we will find a multitude of professions, ranging from network to hardware.

Hardware, since they are objects; we will therefore find classic trades of product designer, R&D etc.

On the other hand, connected objects will be connected by domestic wireless networks (wifi, lifi, etc.) but also via 3G / 4G (5G) telecommunications networks; there will be a large number of network expert positions to be filled in companies developing connected objects.

Finally, in the Internet domain, Data Scientist functions will be essential, but also IT profiles specializing in embedded software.

To sum up, the major divisions of a company in this new market will be Product, Networks, Big Data and IT.

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