IoT: The skills that companies will need

by bold-lichterman

While the Internet of Things is booming, companies will need many skills in the coming years, especially in data security (chief data management officer, etc.). To know more, Frenchweb interviewed Frederique d’Orgeval, associate director within the recruitment firm Blue-Search, and Adrien Bignon, head of the digital division of Mushroom.

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What are the essential skills to have in your business to be a leader in IoT?

Founded in 1999 by Pierre Cannet, Blue-Search is a digital recruitment firm that is positioned in the online marketing, E-CRM, new technologies, studio, editorial, business development sectors…

frederique-dorgeval idetosen-blue-search-1Frederique d’Orgeval, Associate Director of Blue-Search: The specificity of profiles working on IoT projects is multidisciplinarity. The convergence of talents is key for the design of projects, it is both the processing of data and the use value that count.

IoT companies are therefore recruiting very varied profiles, more in R&D at present: engineers, data analysts, software architects, electromechanics, IT experts specializing in the cloud but also designers or marketers. These collaborators all have in common a creative state of mind and the ability to “do it for themselves” as research and monitoring are so important.

Based in Paris, Mushroom is a recruitment firm that presents itself as a firm of “headhunters specializing in the recruitment of communication, marketing and digital players”.

adrien-bignon-mushroom-1Adrien Bignon, head of Mushroom’s digital division: The main skill to have within a company developing in the Internet of Things market is Big Data.

In their “quest for autonomy”, connected objects record Data; they must then be analyzed. Expert profiles in data analysis are those who allow connected objects to have their added value, and companies to work on the data collected to optimize their products but also develop their services / business.

Mastering Artificial Intelligence thus becomes essential for a company in the IoT market. Based on data analysis, the connected object must be able to operate in total autonomy, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence. This is an area that will grow exponentially this year. Even Mark Zuckerberg is personally focused on the subject!

Finally, a skill to be taken into account will be security, so that consumers are reassured in their use of connected objects. Encrypting data, securing Cloud servers, the company will have to invest heavily in these areas to conquer the market and retain its customers.

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