IoT in business to (finally) know your environment

by bold-lichterman

Internet of Things has become an essential expression that we use in all sauces when we talk about the Internet, start-ups, French Tech,… It is the essential innovation, the one that will change our lives and relaunch growth , to the point that the IoT becomes synonymous with the future. Without precise outlines, we can vaguely imagine this “future” where everything will be connected, from our watches to our slippers. But connected to do what elsewhere?

Beyond the funny gadgets that will only last a while, the revolution of connected objects is above all that of information and data. Nothing new since the 90s when they praised the merits of the Internet, this “information highway”?

Yes and no because with IoT all this takes on a new dimension and you just have to look at the case of the company to be convinced of it.

We no longer even bother to think about the role of the Internet in business. Let’s delete the mailbox and we are lost… What more do connected objects allow if it is not to “prevent” that the filter of the coffee machine must be changed?

They allow massive data collection; otherwise, who says IoT says Big Data. And this is the essential for the economy, the coherent extension of the Internet revolution: the collection and storage of ever more information. The Big Data revolution is a high-speed train that urgently needs to be taken.

Everyone is concerned, or should be, from the somewhat dusty administration to the innovative start-up.

The first common point between all these economic players, and therefore the first field in which it is interesting and urgent to apply Big Data, is human capital.

And there they are very many to utter cries of orchard. All this technology to lead to the total reign of corporate cybersurveillance? Will flique become synonymous with manager?

Monitor or assist: how does the data limit the risk?

Some will see data as the ultimate weapon of neo-Taylorism, but that’s missing the point. We do not invest in IoT and Big Data to create only an improved version of the time clock!

Because thanks to Big Data we touch the unattainable: omniscience. Big data makes it possible to accumulate objective and extremely valuable information on an almost infinite number of areas. For example, it is our ability to collect and process this colossal amount of data in real time that has made the driverless car possible recently and not just any new technical invention.

Far from being limited to knowing the arrival time of an employee, we can learn a lot about the context of carrying out a mission, the business environment but also predicting changes in the profession … And these data linked together are much greater than their sum.

This is the whole issue of Big Data, especially in business. When an X-ray of our environment is necessary, accumulating only the data gives only one side of reality. We sometimes tend to forget it, but it is Business Intelligence tools, our ability to create new algorithms, and not Big Data, that allow us to relate data and to show and feel our environment in 3D. . It is now clear that it will be the one, CAC 40 company or start-up, which invests in these tools and aggregates a real heritage of coherent and meaningful data which will have a real head start. These tools will constitute a real competitive advantage and will be a valuable ally in business strategy.

Because far from removing their responsibility from decision-makers and managers (who decide what to measure and what to do with the results), objective data allow informed decision-making and limit the risk of arbitrariness, a risk which has always existed.

Opposing connected objects in businesses, all businesses, means continuing to remain blind in a world that is finally enlightened. If, like time clock, connected objects can indeed spell the end of fictitious jobs, let us never forget that it is much more than that.

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patrick-tavaris-movework-1Patrick Tavaris is the founding president of MoveWORK. Entrepreneur specializing in IT solutions, in 2010 he founded MoveWORK, a company specializing in Business Intelligence solutions applied to HR. Become an international group in 2013, MoveWORK now has subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal and Germany. Patrick Tavaris also directs the R&D programs of MoveWORK on predictive analyzes, a program benefiting from the Research Tax Credit.

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