ioT: Apple prepares the ground against Google

by bold-lichterman

Apple was working on a platform dedicated to home automation, says the Financial Times. Behind this term actually hides the possibility for a user to control the light, the temperature or all the security systems of the house directly from his iPhone. The release of such software would bring the apple-based firm into connected objects with great strides and would advance its pawns against other players in the sector.

Samsung has already launched its smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, and has started marketing smart TVs. For its part, Google bought Nest for $ 3.2 billion, which manufactures a connected thermostat and an alarm system for the home, last January. According to the latest information circulating, the firm of Tim Cook was expected on health, in particular on the heart rate monitoring from an iPhone. But this time, it could announce its new solution as early as next week on the occasion of the Worldwide Developer Conference to be held on June 2 in San Francisco.

According to the British daily, discussions have already been initiated with several manufacturers so that their future products are certified compliant and compatible with the Apple system. And to accelerate its sales, Tim Cook would focus on an essential point: data protection. In particular compared to Google, which in a letter addressed to the SEC, specified to consider displaying advertising on connected objects. Advertising targeting made possible for brands by the use of data.