IoT: 100 million euros for the constellation of Kinéis nanosatellites

by bold-lichterman

The young company Kinéis, which wishes to deploy a constellation of nanosatellites dedicated to connected objects from 2022, announced on Monday that it had raised 100 million euros in funds from several shareholders.

The operation will be financed by CLS (Collecte localization Satellites), the majority shareholder of Kinéis, as well as the parent company of CLS, the Center National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and Bpifrance, via the SPI fund. We are very happy to have taken this major step. With the funds to launch our constellation, we are now free to focus entirely on satellite manufacturing and commercial deployment ”, said the president of Kinéis, Alexandre Tisserant.

25 satellites

The Kinéis project was launched by CLS, which is developing the Argos system making it possible to geolocate any beacon with an accuracy of 150 meters and is particularly widely used at sea. It should make it possible, using the same type of system, to follow connected objects thanks to the constellation of 25 satellites, which will cover the Earth in five different orbit planes, at low altitude.

The project materialized into a company at the start of 2019, in the form of a satellite operator, and today employs 25 people. The company also claims to have already established commercial partnerships with several large groups, in particular the operator Bouygues Télécoms or Suez.