iOS, Android, Google Play: in which countries do apps generate the most revenue?

by bold-lichterman

There were twice as many mobile apps downloaded through Google Play than on iOS in the first quarter of 2016. And yet, revenue from apps from the App Store was 90% higher than revenue from Google Play, according to theindex App Annie – Market Q1 2016 published this Tuesday, April 19.

Established from internal data compiled, the index also tells us that the United States tops the ranking of the largest users of mobile applications, in terms of the number of downloads and the amount of revenue generated. France is for its part ranked 9th of the countries which generate the most income via mobile applications, all OS combined, ahead of Canada, and behind Germany (ranked 7th).

China, 2nd most revenue-generating country on iOS

app-annie-1According to the App Annie index, in China, application revenues from iOS have more than doubled compared to the same period in 2015. China therefore doubles Japan, and becomes the second country generating the most revenues on the App Store, behind the United States. They stay one step ahead, with a turnover higher by 30%.

This strong growth comes above all from games (Fantasy Westward Journey, or Hero Moba are the most downloaded according to the index). If we consider revenues related to games only, China is closely behind the United States. With a constant growth rate, it should exceed them from the next quarter.

Finally, if we look at the number of downloads, China has taken the lead among the countries where users download the most from the App Store since the first quarter of 2015.

Entertainment and Music Apps Revenue Increase 130% on iOS

app-annie-2More specifically, it is entertainment and music applications that have experienced the strongest growth on iOS in the world: the revenues generated by these applications have been multiplied by 2.3 compared to the first quarter of 2015, an increase of 130 % (they were multiplied by 1.7 on Google Play).

When it comes to entertainment, video streaming is the biggest drag on app revenue growth. On the App Store, this is the application Netflix which generated the most revenue, followed by HBO Now and Hulu only available in the United States.

The most revenue-generating music app, still on the App Store, is Spotify.

Google Play most popular in emerging markets

app-annie-3In emerging markets, apps from Google Play are the most popular. The top three countries in terms of increasing the number of mobile application downloads are Vietnam (1.7 times more applications downloaded in Q1 2016), Argentina (1.4 times more downloads) and ‘Egypt (1.4 times more downloads).

As in China or the United States, the growth in mobile applications observed in these countries comes from games.

France, 4th country with the most market share on Google Play

France is ranked 4th in terms of market share growth on Google Play after the United States, Taiwan and Germany, as shown by the map below.


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