Interview: Xavier Niel and the 42 team, the “born to code” programming school

by bold-lichterman

Yesterday, Xavier Niel ad with great fanfare the launch of school 42, which is aimed at apprentice developers between 18 and 30 years old. Free, peer-to-peer, 42 will certainly shake up the classic codes of French-style education: the absence of a diploma on leaving which raises some dubious reactions is only the response to realities: developers do not need to be “labeled” to get a job in France or in IT companies abroad, and this performance that is too little exploited had to be boosted by the creation “from scratch” of a quickly effective structure. It was therefore by poaching the trio of Epitech last January that Xavier Niel laid the first stones of this ambitious project, which should yield convincing results in the months to come. The whole team of 42 at the microphone of FrenchWeb: