[Interview] French BIME, specialist in cloud data analysis, raises 3 million euros

by bold-lichterman

“It is easier to raise so much funds for a Franco-American project” estimates Rachel Delacour, the founder

After accelerating its internationalization with the opening of an American office in Kansas City last October, the Montpellier startup BIME, specializing in cloud decision intelligence, raised 3 million euros today. [Lire notre article : BIME, la start-up française spécialiste de l’analyse de données, part à la conquête du marché américain]

Interview with Rachel Delacour, the founder of the company.

Frenchweb: You recently opened an office in Kansas City and today you are raising 3 million euros from investors. How are you going to use these funds?


Rachel Delacour : We have raised 3 million euros from Alven Capital. It is easier to raise so much on a Franco-American project.

Shortly after our debut, we had very positive feedback from the United States. Our first clients were Americans and, more generally, we had a lot of pull-ups and prospects across the Atlantic. It was obvious to strengthen us with the opening of an on-site office, board members or even American mentoring.

This fundraising will help us to strengthen our structure based in Montpellier and to create a head office in the United States where the cloud BI (business intelligence in cloud, editor’s note) is developing very strongly. America represents a third of our customers when we were not yet there. We therefore had to strengthen ourselves locally in order to get closer to our customers, especially since it is the leading world market for the sector.

Frenchweb: What will be the main difficulties you expect to face with this reinforcement in the United States?

The main names in cloud business intelligence are American, and we can’t deny it. We are already delighted to be neck and neck with them in the rankings made by Gartner or Forester.

But it is obvious that our competitors have already raised a lot of money to develop in greater proportions than what we traditionally know in France. The task will therefore be difficult for us.

But everything remains to be built on this market and each in its place. We are therefore optimistic, especially since there is no definitive leader yet and we have good technology, a good product and we have managed to do a lot by simply being based in Montpellier. .

Frenchweb: With this fundraising, how do you hope to find a place in this market?

The market business intelligence is estimated between 10 billion and 15 billion dollars according to studies carried out on the subject. Year after year, the cloud business intelligence gathers an increasingly important share in the sector. The cloud is very promising.

We therefore have a card to play because we are very well positioned in this segment. We already count Cisco, the American Addiction Centers or the city of Atlanta among our customers. Our know-how is recognized by very diverse profiles and can also be used at the scale of smaller companies.

Frenchweb: With this fundraising, have you felt a cultural difference in financial terms?

The cultural difference is very strong. Investments take place in ecosystems whose scales are multiplied by ten or twenty at all levels: customers, partnerships, potential turnover … But beyond the clichés, BIME is a company that has developed in Montpellier, a still unconventional city for the creation of startups. Yet we managed to attract attention. France is therefore very promising, an alignment is possible.

  • May 2013 : BIME wins the Trophy for the best customer case within the framework of the General Meeting of EuroCloud France
  • January 2013 : BIME is ultimately selected for the best French startup category of the European Tech Startup Award (Europas).
  • 2012 : BIME is the winner of the Web Track e-commerce, organized by the La Poste group as part of LeWeb’12
  • 2011, We Are Cloud, carried out its second fundraising in 18 months, without specifying the amount.
  • 2009 : Creation of We Are Cloud, publisher of BIME