Internet speed jumped 30% in 2017

by bold-lichterman

Networks are scaling up and 4G and fiber optic technologies are becoming more democratic. Result ? The Internet is always going faster.

Specialist in speed tests, the American company Ookla published its report for the past year. The average change recorded in November 2016 and November 2017 is around 30%, all connections combined (fixed and mobile).

The download speed for fixed lines reached 40 Mbps (+ 30% in one year) and 20 Mbps for mobile (+ 30% in one year). For the upload, the speed reaches 20 Mbps fixed (+ 26% in one year) and 8.6 in mobile (+ 39% in one year).

These global averages of course hide many disparities: Norway, Australia and India have experienced the strongest growth. Although its average fixed connection speed has taken 77% in one year, India is still 76th in the world with an average download speed of 19 Mbps.

Here is the ranking of countries by fixed and mobile connection speed (download):

Internet speed jumped 30 in 2017
Source: Ookla / recode
1605347476 61 Internet speed jumped 30 in 2017
Source: Ookla / recode

France loses places in the world ranking

France is not among these top 15, you will have noticed. Indeed, our country is in 21st position worldwide (down 3 places compared to 2016) for fixed lines and 34th place for mobile (down 7 places). Despite everything, the recorded flows remain above the world average.

However, the network’s national performance is improving from one year to the next: 64 Mbps in November 2017 (+ 25% compared to 2016) in fixed download; in fixed upload, the speed is 28 Mbps (+ 27%). For mobile, the evolution is marginal: the download speed is around 30 Mbps (compared to 27 in 2016) and the upload is stable at 9 Mbps.