Internet label, producer of Facebook applications “on the chain”

by bold-lichterman

Theagency website creation company in Aix en Provence has just published, in just 6 weeks, three Facebook applications that are making people talk about them and are preparing to step up the pace of outings. Its CEO says he is able to publish one new application per week now.

Internet Label specializes in Facebook utilities that it creates from its own framework, developed in-house.

The first three applications in question are:Internet label producer of Facebook applications on the chain
Live TV (then Live TV HQ this week), create a TV on his Facebook page by broadcasting from his webcam in H.264.
Contact Form, create a contact form on a Facebook fan page.
Contactor, a video Skype to communicate, between friends only.

Next week, Social Buzzing will be released, an application that will allow advertisers to pay Facebook users who relay their messages based on their number of friends.

Label Internet refuses any advertising or any sale of data related to its utility applications. Its Facebook model is based on the marketing of training and e-learning modules.

Interview with Gauthier Bros, CEO of Internet Label