Intel Capital creates a 76 million euro fund for sense computing

by bold-lichterman

Intel Capital, the investment fund of the American manufacturer, is betting on the computing of perception, or the possibilities of human / machine interaction using the capacities of voice, gesture, facial recognition or eye-tracking, to its next strategic development axis.

Intel, represented by its Executive Vice President Tom Kilroy, made the announcement yesterday during the opening speech at the Computex Taiwan IT Show. By wanting to offer “a more natural, more intuitive and immersive experience” to consumers, Intel is trying to thwart the erosion of the PC market in the face of its mobile competitors.

The American’s interest in these technologies is not new and has already resulted in a competition with developers for the development of new applications or the launch with Creative of a 3D camera. “Devices copying human abilities like sight, hearing or the ability to smell have long been the subject of science fiction but now we have the necessary technology,” comments Arvind Sodhani, vice president of Intel at the helm. from Intel Capital: “This fund will invest in startups and companies involved in these experiments and will provide technical and logistical support for international development. “

Created in 1991, Intel Capital has invested nearly 8.25 billion euros, including 250 million last year, in more than 1,200 startups.