Instagram will no longer allow you to spy on your friends’ activity

by bold-lichterman

While Instagram has just launched Threads, a photo-sharing messenger to compete with Snapchat, the social network announces the end of the “Subscription” tab. With this feature, Instagram users could see recent activity of tracked accounts, sometimes creating awkward situations, some unaware that their actions on the social network could be tracked in this way. This will no longer be the case from this week.

This function appeared in 2011 would be according to the words of the product manager of Instagram, Vishal Shah, reported by BuzzFeed, little used and probably unknown to many users of the application. Vishal Shah brings up a practical motive for removing the tab, hoping it will make Instagram easier to use with a cleaner design.

The social network is also undoubtedly relying on a healthier use of its platform, now preventing the possibility of “stalking” or monitoring the activities of other users. Indeed, this function was for some a very simple way to follow the activities of a person, his publications but also his comments or the photos that he mentioned.

However, Instagram still benefits from a much more popular “Explore” section, offering the possibility of discovering new content in relation to the user’s tastes. The company also announced the inclusion of new advertising spaces last June, offering advertisers new opportunities to target its billion monthly active users.