Instagram declares war on fake followers and comments intended to boost popularity of certain accounts

by bold-lichterman

Instagram, the photo-sharing app owned by Facebook, has announced that it will remove fake followers and comments from certain accounts intended to make them appear more popular than they really are. “We recently saw that accounts were using third-party apps to artificially inflate their audience.”Says Instagram. “Starting today, we’ll start removing likes, subscriptions, and comments from accounts that use third-party apps to improve their popularity.Adds the company.

Instagram has developed machine learning technologies to help it identify accounts using such apps, in violation of the rules of use. The company will send messages to affected subscribers to notify them of the removal of artificial comments or likes.

Delicate context for Facebook, the parent company

Users will simply need to change their passwords to break their connection with these third-party apps, Instagram says. But those who continued to use them could see “their affected experience», Adds the company without specifying how.

This screw-up comes as Instagram’s parent company, Facebook faces many controversies (personal data, political manipulation, hacking, etc.). Mark Zuckerberg was thus forced last week to step up once again to defend his company. The latter is entangled in a controversy triggered by an investigation by the New York Times, which accuses the world’s leading social network of having orchestrated a smear campaign against its detractors.