Insightera, automated marketing specialist, completes a fundraising of 5 million euros

by bold-lichterman

This second round of funding brings the total funding of the American start-up to more than 6 million euros.

The American start-up Insightera, which offers a BtoB marketing platform dedicated to the personalization of content in real time, has just raised 5 million euros in funds.

Founded in 2009, Insightera uses data analytics, along with machine learning algorithms, to automate the personalization of its clients’ websites.

According to Mickey Alon, CEO ofInsightera, the most important part of the purchasing process is done upstream of the meeting between the company and its customers. The majority of them will first visit the company’s site to get an idea; Insightera’s personalization solutions are an opportunity to provide a relevant website, and increase the conversion rate.

This fundraising brings the total funding of the start-up to more than 6 million euros. It is part of the rise of automated marketing, made possible by advances in technology. Big data and Machine Learning. In early June, Salesforce acquired the interactive marketing specialist ExactTarget, for an amount of almost 2 billion euros.