[INSIDERS] Who is Jack Ma’s successor at the helm of Alibaba?

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#Portrait: who is Daniel Zhang, Jack Ma’s successor at the head of Alibaba?

AFP- Daniel Zhang, very discreet number two of Alibaba, is a strategist credited with having muscular the platforms of the Chinese e-commerce giant, even if he does not share the charisma of the boss-founder Jack Ma from whom he will take over. According to the “succession” plan unveiled on Monday, Jack Ma will leave the presidency of Alibaba in exactly one year to hand it over to Daniel Zhang, chief executive since 2015.

INSIDERS Who is Jack Mas successor at the helm of
Credit: Alibaba.

Will Mr. Zhang, 46, be able to free himself from the aura of his legendary mentor? From the outside, it’s hard to imagine a more opposite profile: far from the exuberance of Jack Ma, Daniel Zhang, auditing ace renowned for his rigor, displays Olympian calm, lets his emotions show little and is stingy. of public appearances.

However, he is credited behind the scenes with exceptional results: the Chinese media credit him for having transformed Jack Ma’s laborious “tractor” into a powerful “Boeing 747” of e-commerce, via an ambitious strategy carefully applied. . Originally from Shanghai, the financial capital of China, where he studied accounting at the local University of Finance and Economics, Mr. Zhang began his career as an auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. He was then in charge of the accounts of a fast-growing video game firm, before joining Alibaba in 2007 as financial director of sales platforms.

Daniel Zhang is credited with the development of Tmall, a platform that introduces business-to-consumer exchanges – boosting advertising revenue in the process. Likewise, it was Mr. Zhang who had the idea of ​​Alibaba’s craziest marketing coup, the “singles party” on November 11, the occasion of a monster sale day that generates transaction volumes every year. mind-boggling. Director of operations in 2013, he became CEO in 2015.

#Appointment: the French Jérôme Guillen becomes the right arm of Elon Musk within Tesla

Faced with the turbulence currently facing Tesla, Elon Musk has decided to review the company’s organizational chart. Among the changes made by the boss of the American firm, Jérôme Guillen was chosen to assume the functions of president of the automotive division of Tesla. The 46-year-old French engineer was poached by Elon Musk in 2010, while working for German manufacturer Daimler. At Tesla, he started as development manager for the Model S program, the company’s premium electric sedan, before later becoming vice president of sales and services and then heading the Tesla program. Semi intended to develop an autonomous electric truck.1605269912 889 INSIDERS Who is Jack Mas successor at the helm of

Credit: Ivan Garcia / Shutterstock

As a reminder, in the second quarter of 2018, for the first time, Huawei sold more smartphones than Apple, at the same time robbing it of its second place in the world ranking. In total, Huawei sold 49.8 million units compared to 44.7 million for Apple, according to figures released by Gartner.

#Commerce: New York will host the next Amazon Go

Amazon’s cashless stores are exporting for the first time outside of Seattle, which already has two. The American giant plans to open an Amazon Go in New York. Information initially revealed by the site The Information which spotted job advertisements and since confirmed by Amazon.

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Amazon Go, Seattle. Credit: SEASTOCK / Shutterstock.com

As a reminder, Amazon Go is a concept of high-tech grocery store where the customer no longer needs to go to the checkout to pay. Chips and sensors are responsible for counting the products on-board by the consumer before automatically debiting the customer from his Amazon account.