[INSIDERS] When Meetic launches the bot to find a soul mate …

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Love seems too complicated to you? Still, it’s as easy as a conversation on Facebook Messenger. To help you find your perfect match, Meetic, a group specializing in online dating, launches a dating service on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network messaging.

In the form of a simple conversation window, it is now possible to chat with Lara or Tom, Meetic’s chat bot (conversational robot) which claims to be a real “virtual dating assistant”. A concept which is reminiscent of the film Her, by Spike Jonze. By means of artificial intelligence, the bot is able to adapt its responses according to the requests of its interlocutor. It will help users create their profile and introduce them to singles who match their selection criteria. “As always for us, the technology will then fade to give way to the meeting», Specifies Alexandre Lubot, CEO of Meetic-Match Group Europe. So ready to turn the virtual into a real encounter?


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Times are hard for Volkswagen, including for Thierry Sybord, the director of the French branch of the German brand. On the occasion of the partnership between the car manufacturer and the French Football Federation, the communication agency MediaCom took advantage of the Euro to orchestrate an unusual bet. If the barrier of 100,000 followers was crossed on the Volkswagen France Twitter account, the community had the opportunity to choose Thierry Sybord’s next haircut. The buzz will not take place since the counter has remained blocked at 98,000 followers.

However, the German brand has decided to put a layer back in a video ordered from the GroupM France agency. In it, the director of Volkswagen France reacted to this failed bet in a funny way. And for good reason, he appears in his usual boss costume at the top… but wears shorts, socks and shoes in the colors of the France team at the bottom! The icing on the cake, Djibril Cissé enters the scene at the end of the video to tell Thierry Sybord to go to a meeting. Shorts and socks will they be enough to make people forget another scandal across the Atlantic …

trekking persone al tramonto28 weeks to teach large groups to innovate like start-ups, such is the promise of the new “Start Me Up” program which will be launched next September by OCTO Technology, IT consulting and implementation company, in partnership with the cross-border acceleration program The Refiners.

Structured like a real training course, Start Me Up takes participants through all the phases of project construction: identification of an unmet need and search for a solution to meet it, identification of the skills necessary for its implementation. work, seeking support among members of the management committee, etc. The program also includes a six-week stay in San Francisco at The Refiners accelerator. The philosophy behind Start Me Up is indeed based on taking professionals out of their comfort zone, but also out of their work environment to get them to change the way they approach a problem.

There is a great tendency in recent years to prophesy the death of large groups for the benefit of start-ups! In reality, very few start-ups manage to survive and even less to become profitable. (…) Large groups often have all the available resources at home and we will in particular help them identify them.», Explains François Hisquin, founder and CEO of OCTO Technology in a press release.

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SuitcasesSince last Friday, the number of job searches outside the UK has doubled, according to statistics released by Indeed this Tuesday June 28. Ireland thus takes the lead among the preferred countries for European job seekers. Five main sectors of activity are affected by this phenomenon: marketing, HR, engineering, transport and retail.

While the UK is unlikely to close its borders overnight, there are clear economic benefits to free movement of workers – and it is essential that the UK economy can continue to recruit in order to fill the vacancies . These statistics clearly show that if Brexit causes an interruption in the flow of talent to the UK, Britain’s woes will make Ireland happy as skilled workers let themselves be seduced by its labor market. dynamic English speaker“, Explains in a press release Mariano Mamertino, economist for the EMEA region at Indeed.

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The data scientist leads the most sought after tech professionals by British companies this year, just ahead of the solutions architect, according to InterQuest Group. The London recruitment specialist has indeed drawn up the list of the most sought-after jobs in 2016, as well as their average level of remuneration. The software project manager is the profile that earns the most, with an average annual salary of 84,666 pounds (the equivalent of 101,767 euros), likely to increase by 20% per year.

Bertrand merleSopexa France, communication and marketing agency, has decided to appoint Bertrand merle as director. In his new role, he will be responsible for developing the portfolio of international French clients for the French branch of Sopexa, an agency active in 55 countries.

Previously, Bertrand Merle built up solid experience in communication and marketing within the InSitu agency, the Gutenberg Networks group and Like Interactive. Since September 2014, he has been Consulting Director – New Business at Dagobert.

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