[INSIDERS] Unbeatable ads on YouTube will be rampant

by bold-lichterman

Are the “Skip Ad” buttons on YouTube videos going to disappear? In a video posted on its platform, the American company announced that it will generalize in the coming days the possibility of setting up impossible-to-pass advertisements for anyone who monetizes their content. An option that was previously reserved for a selection of channels.

Note that these advertisements cannot last more than 15 to 20 seconds, while for those which can be “zapped”, the option appears after 5 seconds. Judging by the comments below the ad video, the measure is, as you might expect, largely unpopular.

But for the platform the stakes are numerous, including that of keeping content creators on its platform, especially in the face of competition from Instagram. Advertisers typically pay creators more for non-skippable ads, which might entice them to stay on the platform and created more content. The option can also be added on old videos.

Apple would be working on the design of its augmented reality glasses as confirmed by the acquisition of Akonia Holographics. Specializing in holography, the Denver, Colorado-based start-up designs lenses for augmented reality glasses. The company is based on the technology called reflective waveguide lenses, also used by Magic Leap or by Microsoft for the HoloLens. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed but since its inception, Akonia Holographics has raised $ 11.6 million according to Crunchbase.

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Credits: Bouygues Telecom.

Over the first six months of the year, the Bouygues group’s telecoms subsidiary saw its turnover rise by 6.5% to reach 2.56 billion euros, and confirmed its objectives for the year In progress. In a press release, the operator’s parent company particularly welcomes a “rise in the profitability of Bouygues Telecom”. Between January and June, the gross operating surplus (EBITDA) was indeed up 12%, to 549 million euros, with a margin which improved by 1.7 points, to 26.5%.

The operator benefited from good commercial results over the first two quarters of the year, with an increase in its subscribers, both on landline and mobile, respectively 91,000 and 177,000 new customers, without taking into account the SIM cards sold for connected objects. In the second quarter, Bouygues Telecom recruited 120,000 additional customers with mobile plans, and 41,000 more on fixed. And during the first six months of 2018, the operator benefited in particular from an increase in its mobile subscriptions (+253,000) as well as a greater arrival of customers on fixed fiber (+126,000) , two activities that are more profitable in terms of income per subscriber (ARPU). In total, Bouygues Telecom claims 15.29 million mobile phone customers and 3.53 million landline customers.

It is difficult for autonomous cars to find the right balance between respect for the highway code and pragmatism. Some residents of a Phoenix suburb in Arizona, where Waymo rolls his prototypes, experience it bitterly, as the site reports The Information.

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Credits: Waymo.

Several witnesses thus complained of the too hesitant driving of the vehicles of the subsidiary of Alphabet or of basic driving errors. Vehicles, for example, tend to turn on their turn signals too early or have difficulty crossing the T-intersection located near Waymo’s seat, creating dangerous situations. Beyond the company’s official communication, these testimonials thus provide an overview of the room for improvement that it still has to achieve.