[INSIDERS] Uber to roll out self-service electric bikes in Paris in 2019

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# Mobility: Uber will roll out its self-service electric bikes in Paris in 2019Apple-converted-space “>

The sturdy red bikes, of the Jump brand, have three speeds and canApple-converted-space “> (“Free-floating”) through the Uber application, said a spokesperson at theAFP. A U-shaped padlock will allow them to be hung on street furniture. If the rental price is not yet known, it will be “adapted to the price ofa> a lancé en février 250 vélos rouges à San Francisco (États Unis), en<span
class=Apple-converted-space “> collaboration with the start-up Jump, which it bought in the spring. The American group has since been present with Jump in ten citiesApple-converted-space “> Austria, citing Lyon.Apple-converted-space “> long-lasting cars, he added.

#Influence: Twitter releases data on Russian trolls to better understand them

AFP– Twitter released data on Wednesday relating to manipulation campaigns launched by trolls, mostly Russian and Iranian, and concerning ten million tweets, sometimes dating back to 2009.

INSIDERS Uber to roll out self service electric bikes in Paris

The social network has chosen to unveil the data related to these campaigns already made public to facilitate the work of researchers who are trying to better understand the modus operandi of the trolls. ” We make this data accessible in order to encourage research and investigation into these behaviors by researchers and educators around the world.“, Explained Vijaya Gadde, director of“ trust and security ”of the company and Yoel Roth, responsible for ensuring the integrity of the social network.

Twitter has shut down hundreds of manipulated Russian and Iranian accounts to carry out influence or disinformation campaigns. The company said the campaigns were run from 3,841 pilot accounts from Russia and 770 from Iran. They have generated over 10 million tweets and over 2 million photos and videos since 2009.

Researchers at the Atlantic Council think tank, who had access to this first-hand data, determined that it was some type of sophisticated procedure that had the greatest impact on the American public. ” These type (of accounts) disguised themselves as very carefully crafted personalities, who produced original and enticing stories, infiltrated activist groups and communities, and posted hyper-partisan and very divisive posts.“, Underlined these researchers.

# New Era: at SAP, the cloud “eclipse faster than expected»The software package, the group’s historical activity

AFP – The European technology heavyweight, the German SAP, on Thursday again raised its financial ambitions for the current fiscal year after a third quarter deemed satisfactory and growth prospects in the cloud up.

From July to September, the booming group in data storage and “intelligent enterprise” posted an after-tax profit of 974 million euros, down slightly by 2% over one year. Its operating profit fell 6% to 1.24 billion euros, doing better than expected by analysts polled by the financial services provider Factset who had bet on 1.09 billion.

INSIDERS Uber to roll out self service electric bikes in Paris
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Its revenues, driven both by the group’s growth in cloud computing and by S / 4HANA, its business software suite, grew 8% over the same period, to $ 6.02 billion. euros, in line with expectations. In detail, SAP saw in the third quarter its cloud subscriptions generate 1.30 billion euros in revenue, an increase of 39% over one year. SAP believes that the cloud, on which it has been banking for three years to the point of tolerating a certain drop in its margins and tightening its belt on acquisitions, ” eclipse faster than expected “The historical activity of the group, the business management software (firmware), notes SAP in its press release.

This dynamism has pushed the company to be more ambitious for 2018, as had already been the case in July when the second quarter report was presented. ” With a fourth quarter thus launched, we are raising our annual objectives with confidence“, Commented in a statement Bill McDermott, boss of the group. For 2018, the main competitor of the American Oracle, now expects annual sales between 25.2 and 25.5 billion euros, after 23.4 billion euros in 2017. So far, it gave a range of between 25.0 and 25.3 billion euros. In the cloud, SAP expects a 36.5% increase over one year in revenue over one year, or a turnover of between 5.15 and 5.25 billion euros for this activity.

# Telecoms: Ericsson returns to green in the third quarter and climbs on the stock market

AFP – The title of Swedish telecoms equipment manufacturer Ericsson took 5% Thursday morning at the start of the session after the announcement of better than expected results in the third quarter, allowing it to return to the green, a first for more than two years.

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Around 12:41 (10:41 GMT), the title even rose 5.9% on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in a market trending upward (+ 0.69%). Net profit jumped in July-September year on year, to 2.7 billion Swedish kronor (261 million euros), where analysts interviewed by the SME Direkt agency had forecast a loss of 167 million kroner. Revenue rose 8.9% to 53.8 billion. The gross margin excluding restructuring costs rose to 36.9%, against 28.5% a year earlier.

We are seeing improvements in all of our operations“, Welcomed CEO Börje Ekholm in the interim report. Struggling with sluggish profitability due to heavy operating expenses while its order book dwindled, Ericsson launched in the second quarter of 2017 a restructuring plan of SEK 10 billion which resulted in the loss of 20,500 jobs.

The company finally sees the end of the tunnel where it found itself between the end of investments in 4G and the sluggish start of the deployment of 5G. Börje Ekholm, at the helm of Ericsson since January 2017, now sees good opportunities for the 5G market. ” The international market […] is experiencing strong momentum and the main markets are growing” , did he declare. ” The global radio network market is recovering from several years of negative growth, and our investments in research and development have positioned us well to benefit from this development” , he added.

The Swedish network division saw its sales increase by 5% and its gross margin reach 41.5% (+6.7 points over one year). However, warned Mr. Ekholm, “ much remains to be done to ensure that all areas of the company achieve a satisfactory level of performance. We remain confident in our long-term goal of achieving an operating margin of at least 12% beyond 2020“. In the third quarter, it was 6%, compared to -7.4% in the third quarter of 2017.