[INSIDERS] Uber developed an AI to detect drunk passengers

by bold-lichterman

Uber wants to know if a customer has forced the bottle a little too much before getting into their driver’s car. For this, the VTC platform worked on an artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of its users and thus determine if he is intoxicated. If the initiative may make you smile at first glance, it is nevertheless very serious on the part of the American giant, to the point that it has filed an application with the American patent and trademark office to protect its innovation.

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A figure that has almost doubled compared to the previous report in November where Ericsson expected 1.8 billion units. The company explains the increase by taking into account the large-scale deployments underway in China. 2.2 billion devices are expected to be connected in the Northeast Asian region alone.

Launched in August 2017 in France, Marketplace allows you to publish classified ads to sell and buy used products. To offer a product for sale, Marketplace users just need to take a picture of their items, such as a television or headphones, then post their ad on the tab dedicated to this new service. In France, Facebook claims 35 million users, or as many potential targets to generate income from this service if it comes to be monetized, which is starting to be the case in the United States.

The developer recruitment market welcomes a new player. Launched in March, Nexten.io’s motto is “Tech Hires Tech”. Thus, on this platform, candidates are contacted by CTOs or technical profiles so that both parties can communicate effectively.

INSIDERS Uber developed an AI to detect drunk passengers
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The company claims 1,000 active developers on its platform and 142 companies registered (in France, Argentina, Belgium or the United Kingdom) like Alan or Heetch. Nexten was created by Grégory Herbé and Éric Busch.