[INSIDERS] The State and its anti-Uber app on the starting line …

by bold-lichterman

The taxiAfter the City of Paris, the government is in turn trying to respond to the offer of VTC. To try to help taxi drivers get back into the race against Uber, Heetch and other applications, the state has launched a platform, simply titled “The taxi“. This was developed by the Delegation for Road Safety and Traffic and the General Secretariat for the Modernization of Public Action. Tested in several cities across France (Montpellier, La Rochelle, Marseille, etc.) for a few months, it allows customers to order a vehicle from their mobile.

To do this, users just need to download one of the device’s free partner applications (My Taxi App, Taxiloc, tedyCab, Zaléou or Triperz). From then on, the customer can see the taxis around him on his smartphone before “hailing” the one that suits him best. The major innovation of the platform lies in the absence of lead costs. With “Le Taxi”, the drivers take charge of customers with 0 euros on the meter.

Enough to become a winning recipe? Benjamin Nabet, founder of Tripper, one of the partners of the operation and application which allows to order a taxi, hopes so. “The point of the game is not to take down Uber. Moreover, taxis are not against Uber, they are against certain practices. There is a time when the market will regulate itself», He explains to Frenchweb. Before supporting his words: “Uber is 8,000 vehicles, Taxi is 50,000 cars.It remains to be seen whether regulars at Uber and Heetch will return to the taxis side. In addition, the City of Paris had already tried to provide a response to competition from VTC with the application “Paris Taxis”. Launched in October 2014, it never managed to take off. The State will officially launch its new taxis geolocation system in Paris on July 12.

Lendix, French platform for loans to VSEs and SMEs, has just received official approval from the CNMV, the Spanish regulator. This decision means that Lendix can now operate as a crowdfunding platform in Spain. “Thanks to this green light from the regulator, Lendix is ​​now in a position to activate its launch plan in Spain, with the creation of a legal entity and the recruitment of a local team.», Specifies Olivier Goy, founder of Lendix. The platform is expected to recruit 6 people in Spain by the end of the year and 10 more in 2017.

The arrival of the platform on Spanish territory comes just a few months after a fundraising of 12 million euros last April which aimed to launch Lendix in Spain and Italy. The Spanish branch of the platform plans to finance SME loans for amounts ranging from 30,000 to 2 million euros for 18 to 60 months (5 years). The rates will be within a range of 5.5% to 12%. The launch of the service in Spain is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2016.

Find the interview with Olivier Goy, the founder of Lendix, published in October 2015 on Frenchweb :

facebook-fffSince the start of Euro 2016, the Official page of the French Football Federation won 500,000 new fans (17,000 per day). It thus becomes the first sports page in France, according to data revealed by the Facebook press service. On match nights for the France team, the social network estimates that 10 to 14 million fans are affected by this. There are 1 million interactions on the page on average.

Ecommerce sites lose an average of $ 400 billion each year due to abandoned carts, according to infographic produced by Geer.io, specialized in marketing automation, in partnership with Mailify.

For what reasons do they stop shopping online? Mainly due to the means of payment offered (at 59%), and shipping costs deemed too high (at 46%).


SEE the full infographic

Patrick JansonFACT-Finder, search, navigation and merchandising solution for e-merchants, has decided to appoint Patrick Janson as a pre-sales consultant for his French office. As part of his new functions, he will be responsible for supporting the optimization of e-commerce solutions for French customers. “My new mission is above all to guide our clients to a result that resembles them“, He declared on the sidelines of his appointment. Previously, he worked at PC30 Business Solutions before joining WiziShop.

First edition of the “Digital Book Crystal”
July 12, 2016 in Paris

On July 12, 2016, the first edition of the “Digital Book Crystal” will take place. This literary prize will reward works that deal with digital and data over the period 2015 – 2016.

Literary prizes in the digital sector are still confidential and the Cristal Festival wishes to democratize them by organizing this first edition.

The winners will be made public on July 12, at the end of a morning of conferences during which the authors will have six minutes (speed pitching) to present their point of view of the digital and data world, a challenge that is not lacking no originality for a literary event.

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