[INSIDERS] The 6 Tech Info You Shouldn’t Miss

by bold-lichterman

  • SoundCloud guaranteed to survive until the fourth quarter of 2017.
  • Ladurée is teaming up with the Swede Urb-it to deliver its macaroons at home.
  • Orange sets sail for the Mediterranean for a new unusual live.
  • A major cyber attack could cost the global economy up to $ 53 billion.
  • “Artificial intelligence is one of the few examples where I think we need to be proactive in regulation, rather than reactive,” E. Musk.
  • The nominations: Philippe Sayegh, Kevin Gras…

SoundCloudSoundCloud At least hold out until the end of the year. The Berlin-based music and audio-sharing platform announced that it has enough cash to continue operating until the fourth quarter.

The announcement comes just days after SoundCloud’s decision to cut 173 jobs to cut costs, or 40% of the company’s workforce. As part of this transaction, the company will close two offices, in London and San Francisco, to concentrate its teams at SoundCloud’s headquarters in Berlin, as well as its office in New York. This workforce cut should allow the company, which claims more than 175 million active users per month worldwide and a catalog of 150 million titles available to listen to, to move closer to profitability and thus stay alive. against Spotify (50 million paying subscribers) and Apple Music (20 million paying subscribers).

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Laduree MacaroonsNow essential, food delivery is reaching more unexpected players. This is particularly the case for the pastry shop The duration which has forged a partnership with the Swedish start-up Urb-it, specializing in last mile delivery. In this context, gourmets can now receive the macaroons from the Parisian house at their home in intramural Paris and the inner suburbs. However, gluttony comes at a price: 27 euros for a box of six macaroons (17.10 euros for macaroons and 9.90 euros for delivery costs).

Founded in 2014 by Mats ForsbergUrb-it has the particularity of making deliveries only on foot and by public transport. To optimize delivery times, the Stockholm-based start-up has developed technology that allows it to connect directly to the brand’s e-commerce site to monitor consumer orders in real time. In this way, Urb-it is able to determine which store is closest to the customer to quickly process the order. Since its creation, the start-up has raised 21.7 million euros. It has also just gone public in Stockholm.

Orange - Joyce JonathanJuly 20 at 1 p.m., Orange organize with the agency The Bureau a live broadcast as part of Operation #intheSeawith. This will be broadcast simultaneously on Facebook and Periscope to demonstrate the capabilities of the French operator’s 4G network. After the tunnel under La Manche, the Alps and the beach of Hossegor, Orange has chosen the Mediterranean for this new program which will take place with the singer Joyce Jonathan. This will deliver a live concert followed by an interview.

FrenchWeb_SecurityGlobal cyberattack could cost economy up to $ 53 billion, says estimate produced by Lloyd and taken over by Venture Beat. This equates to the cost of a natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy, which hit the United States in 2012.

For comparison, the WannaCry attack, which affected more than 100 countries last May cost nearly $ 8 billion, according to the British cabinet. The NotPetya virus, which raged last June, is said to have cost $ 850 million. The two main economic consequences of these attacks are the costs associated with business interruptions and the repairs of computer equipment resulting from them.

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Elon muskIt was during the National Governors Association Summer Meeting, held in Rhode Island this weekend, thatElon musk said this sentence. The American entrepreneur spoke at a conference dedicated to the subject.

Regulations are usually made as a reaction to a whole bunch of bad experiences, which end in public outcry, and after several years regulation is put in place in an industry. It takes a tremendous amount of time. In the past, this was a problem, but not a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization. Artificial intelligence is a fundamental risk for human civilization“, He also declared.

Philippe-SayeghPhilippe Sayegh becomes CEO of Izberg

The marketplace platform editor Izberg announces the appointment of Philippe Sayegh as CEO. He was previously Director France & Southern Europe of Jainrain.

kevin-grasKevin Gras promoted to CEO of Carat France

Kevin Gras becomes general manager of Carat France. He previously held the position of Group Commercial Director Dentsu.