[INSIDERS] The 6 Tech Info You Shouldn’t Miss

by bold-lichterman

  • FinTech Paytweak raises 700,000 euros.
  • WNP acquires agency 909c.
  • 74% of women and men think that digital makes women’s professional life easier.
  • 7.5 million tweets for International Women’s Day.
  • Gender equality within a company, an indicator to follow for 75% of women.
  • The nominations: Arnaud Cavailhez, Luc Speisser, Loïc Duroselle…

PaytweakThe start-up Paytweak, which is developing a solution making it possible to secure remote payments by email and SMS and to obtain payment directly in the bank, without delay, intermediary and commission, has completed a funding round of 700,000 euros. The investors who took part in this transaction were not specified.

Founded in 2015 by Thierry meimoun, Paytweak allows companies to optimize the management of payment transactions. With this investment, FinTech plans to reinforce its workforce and forge new partnerships with French and international banks. “We will accelerate our development. Our goals have been ambitious since the creation of Paytweak and they will remain so», Specifies Thierry Meimoun, founder and president of Paytweak.

Xavier Blouet-KraimpsThe communication group WNP completed the buyout of the company 909c, specialized in digital marketing. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Xavier Blouet-Kraimps (opposite) and Baptiste Essig, the founders of 909c, become Partners and take a stake in WNP. The 909c offices will remain in Montrueil in 2017 before moving to the Paris headquarters of WNP.

As part of this acquisition, 909c will work closely with the WNP Big Shift division, which designs digital experiences for its customers. “909c is a nugget that fits perfectly into our model of openness and integration of multiple disciplines», Explain Nicolas Gayet and Stephane Raoul, Managing Partners at WNP in charge of Big Shift.

Women's Day - Roland BergerDigital is an integration tool for women. This is what the international study “Digital equality? Women in the digital revolution ”, produced by the firm Roland berger, in partnership with Digital Women’s Day and Numa. Indeed, 74% of women and men believe that digital is an accelerator for getting started in professional life. Despite the positive prospects offered by digital, 53% of women believe that they do not have the same access as men to leadership positions. Yet 66% of men think the opposite.

According to the study, the digital woman is a connected woman who uses digital tools on a daily basis for 40% of respondents. 27% think it is a woman with a web culture. Finally, 24% are convinced that it embodies above all a state of mind. 72% of those polled think that digital projects led by women differ from those led by men, mainly in terms of management.

** Methodology: Survey conducted online by Roland Berger among 3,000 people (women and men) between October and December 2016, in more than 60 countries. The survey is based on 3 major themes: entry into professional life, career development and access to positions of responsibility.

More than 7.5 million tweets with the hashtag #IWD (International Woman Day) were posted on March 8, 2017. On this occasion, the blue bird social network made a interactive map, which identifies where these tweets were posted. Not surprisingly, Europe and North America come out on top. A large concentration of tweets was also recorded in India and Nigeria.

Three quarters of women believe that male / female parity is an indicator that should be measured and monitored within companies, according to data included by Hiscox in its infographic “What jobs for the women of tomorrow“.

More forward-looking than men, women entrepreneurs tend to favor collective decision-making. And management teams that have at least one woman would perform better than others.


arnaud-cavailhezArnaud Cavailhez joins the Stripe Atlas team

Arnaud Cavailhez arrives at Stripe as an engineer. He joins the Atlas team which helps entrepreneurs create businesses online. Arnaud Cavailhez was previously a software engineer at Zipcar.

luc-speisserLuc Speisser appointed Executive Director of the strategy for the EMEA region at Landor

Luc Speisser becomes Executive Director of Strategy for EMEA at Landor. His mission will be to develop the agency’s strategy. Luc Speisser retains his previous role as Director France and Switzerland at Landor.

Loic-DuroselleLoïc Duroselle arrives at MKTG

Loïc Duroselle becomes director of the consulting division at MKTG. He was previously advisor to Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

March 22 at 11 a.m. with AB Tasty

The use of data is becoming essential to better understand, segment and ultimately fine-tune your websites, mobile phones and apps.

Offering a personalized experience to each customer and on all devices is the ultimate goal of all marketing professionals.

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April 11 and 12, 2017

During the first edition of LEADERS in Paris, Loïc Le Meur brought together in 2016 an audience of key players in tech, who presented their ideas which can have a significant impact on our society.

This year again, Leade.rs will aim to bring together the key players of the international Tech scene, but also and above all the talents of tomorrow.

Chatbots, Virtual Reality, e-Health, Artificial Intelligence as well as all the latest trends in innovation will be discussed during these 2 days.

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