[INSIDERS] The 5 Tech Info You Shouldn’t Miss

by bold-lichterman

  • Two years after its creation, N26 has passed the 300,000 customer mark.
  • Spotify and Waze are teaming up to create a smooth experience for their users.
  • Connected watches: a market estimated at 10 billion dollars in 2017.
  • Aurélie Filippetti opens a YouTube channel.
  • The nominations: Ilan Abehassera, David Leborgne, Henri Pidault, Simon Perrot, Christophe Ginisty, Denys Chalumeau, José Alberto Rodriguez Ruiz…
  • Online workshop – Social Selling: from strategy to implementation,e March 16 at 11 a.m. Sociabble will present the example of Toshiba.

valentine-stalf-n26Online banking N26 continues to see its customer base grow. Two years after its creation, the German FinTech has already convinced 300,000 customers to trust it, and claims to gain 1,000 new customers per week on average, according to information reported by TechCrunch.

When it was launched on the French market at the start of the year, the company created by Valentine stalf and Maximilian Tayenthal already claimed 30,000 customers. “We want to pass the 100,000 mark as quickly as possible», Declared Jérémie Rosselli (photo of Une), General Manager France, to FrenchWeb. In Spain and Ireland, the company also claims 10,000 customers.

By way of comparison, a bank such as Société Générale claims more than 8 million individual customers. Although the growth of N26 is important, FinTech still has a long way to go before challenging traditional banking institutions.

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spotifyThe Spotify music streaming service partners with the Waze GPS app to provide a “seamless” experience for users of both services. Concretely, Waze users will now be able to listen to their Spotify playlists while using their GPS. Conversely, Spotify users will be able to continue listening to their music while connecting to the GPS application.

The two apps will work together seamlessly, and the user will be able to access both services immediately on their screen, regardless of which app they have opened. This complementarity of the two services will be available on Android initially.

1605428488 215 INSIDERS The 5 Tech Info You Shouldnt MissThe connected watch market has a revenue potential of nearly $ 10 billion in 2017, study results show Canalysis. This is nearly two-thirds of the market potential for traditional watches in Switzerland, underlines the American market research firm.

In total, 28.5 million connected watches will be shipped worldwide this year, an increase of 18% compared to 2016. The decline in the market for traditional watches partly explains this renewed dynamism in the segment of watches. connected watches, details the authors of the report, but not only. A new range of Android Wear watches should indeed be unveiled at Baselworld, the international watch and jewelry fair, which will be held from March 23 to 30, in Basel.

After Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron and Florian Philippot, Aurélie Filippetti embarks on the YouTube adventure. This Wednesday March 15, at 8:17 p.m. sharp, the former Minister of Culture and current Member of Parliament for Moselle will publish her first video. She announced this news via Twitter.

Ilan Abehassera has just announced that he is joining the start-up Prodontis as COO and co-founder. Following this announcement, he mentions in a post published on the website that he is very happy to have “been introduced to this brilliant entrepreneur, Hugo, who lives between San Francisco and France. […] With Prodontis, it is about our health, it is about transforming our daily routine of brushing teeth into something more efficient and much faster. I can’t say more at the moment. We have some work to do before we can unveil our product, but I am very happy to join Prodontis today!

Ilan Abehassera previously created ILY acquired by Nucleus, Producteev sold to Jive Software in 2012 and Insensi.

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Christophe ginisty announces the creation of a new Agorep company. The company specializes in social media consulting for communication professionals. Five experts will work alongside Christophe Ginisty. He is currently looking for others.

Christophe Ginisty previously founded Public Rumor in 1988. He led the PR agency specializing in digital and social media until 2011. Subsequently, he worked at Edelman, FTI Consulting and most recently Ketchum, where he held the position of digital director for the Benelux region.

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denys-chalumeauDenys Chalumeau becomes president of Help

Denys Chalumeau succeeds Pascal Queslin as chairman of Help, a company he founded in January 2012. He is also the co-founder of PromoVacances and SeLoger.com.

henri-pidaultThe SNCF group is strengthening its teams with two new appointments

The SNCF group announces the arrival of two new collaborators within the Benoît Tiers, Chief Digital Officer and Information Systems. David Leborgne becomes digital director. He previously held the position of Head of Business Services at Google. Henri pidault comes to the post of performance director. He was previously CTO of Deloitte Digital.

SimonPerrotS4MS4M appoints Simon Perrot Head of Sales

Simon perrot integrated S4M as Head of Sales. As part of his new role, he will be responsible for leading the sales teams in France, Benelux, Germany, Italy and Spain. Simon Perrot was previously Managing Director France of Spafax.

On March 16 at 11 a.m., Sociabble will present the Toshiba example to you

Within a year, Toshiba TFIS successfully rolled out a Social Selling program within its B2B activities. The result of an effective and pragmatic strategy, which amplifies the Inbound Marketing approach, enhances the expertise of salespeople and facilitates contact.

How to approach the subject in a pragmatic way? How to mobilize Management, Marketing and Sales on this type of approach? What type of training should be provided to salespeople? What kind of content should we make available to them? Should sales forces be involved in content creation? What role does gamification play in the success of the process? What indicators should we monitor? These are all questions that we will address in a very concrete way during this webinar.

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