[INSIDERS] The 5 Tech Info You Shouldn’t Miss

by bold-lichterman

  • Amazon will open a hub for artificial intelligence and drones in the UK.
  • Snapchat is launching a self-service ad manager.
  • Presidential debate: which of the two candidates aroused the most emotions?
  • Who are the most present professionals on LinkedIn?
  • The nominations: Christophe Rebecchi, Norbert Le Boennec, Klicia Schubert, Clément Bouton …

Amazon Prime AirAmazon is stepping up its efforts to reduce delivery times. In this sense, the American marketplace has announced the opening next fall of a 5,580 square meter hub in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The latter will be dedicated to research in artificial intelligence and will be able to accommodate more than 400 employees.

This new R&D center will allow Amazon to make progress on its Alexa voice assistant, its Echo intelligence speaker and its Kindle reader. It is also in Cambridge that the start-up Evi is based, bought by Amazon in 2012 and whose technology was used to develop Alexa.

With this new hub, the American firm also intends to make progress in terms of delivery by drone. Last December, Amazon made its first drone delivery to Cambridgeshire County, UK. Amazon is now seeking to accelerate the development of “Prime Air”, its drone delivery system, to reduce delivery times.

This year, Amazon plans to recruit 5,000 additional employees in the United Kingdom, which will bring the workforce of the American firm across the Channel to 24,000 employees. In total, Amazon will create 15,000 jobs in Europe in 2017, including 1,500 in France.

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Snapchat Ad ManagerSnap, the parent company of Snapchat, wants to speed up the monetization of advertising space for its ephemeral messaging application. Thus, the American company has just announced the launch of a self-service advertising manager. This will be accessible free of charge from June.

Called “Ad Manager”, the tool is based on the same model as the Facebook system for advertisers. Snapchat’s Ads Manager will allow all advertisers, big or small, to purchase visibility on the app. The platform also includes a “Business Manager”, to manage the roles and authorizations of members of the advertiser’s advertising team, and a “Mobile Dashboard”, to manage advertising campaigns in real time from their smartphone. However, Snapchat’s ad manager does not allow purchasing sponsored “Lenses” or “Geofilters”.

Snapchat claims 158 million daily users, up 48% in 2016. Last year, Snap recorded $ 404.5 million in revenue, up from $ 58.7 million in 2015. However, the company does not. is still not profitable, with a net loss of $ 514.6 million. During its IPO in early March, Snap managed to raise $ 3.4 billion.

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Who of Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen caused the most emotions among the spectators of the debate between the two rounds? This is the question that society asked itself Datakalab, specialized in neuromarketing consulting. First observation, if Marine Le Pen aroused slightly more emotions than Emmanuel Macron (11.1% against 10.6%), it was especially imposed in terms of negative emotions (+ 15% compared to his competitor). Emmanuel Macron, for his part, aroused 5% more positive emotions than his opponent.

Be careful, the negative can also feed the victim side of Marine Le Pen. You have to be very careful, just because it generates more negative emotions does not mean that it is against it. Emotions, whether positive or negative, create memorial anchors. This is what happened with Trump.», Analysis for FrenchWeb Anne-Marie Gaultier, president of Datakalab.

Among the themes that provoke the most emotions, the institutions come out on top, tied with the introduction of the debate (14% emotional engagement). The question of working time, for its part, aroused an emotional commitment estimated at 13%. When the candidates raised the issue of security, on the other hand, it sparked an emotional engagement of 9.7%, one of the least emotionally charged subjects, along with that of pensions (9.1%).


** Study carried out by Datakalab, on a panel of 30 people, representative of the French population.

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While recruiting professionals are the most common professionals on LinkedIn, the venture capital and private equity sector is also fond of professional social network services, according to data reported by Statista. In terms of professions, HR professionals come first, followed by product management professionals.

Infographic: Who are the most connected on LinkedIn?  |  Statista

Christophe-RebecchiChristophe Rebecchi becomes sales director Winshuttle Southern Europe

Winshuttle announces the arrival of Christophe Rebecchi as sales manager for Southern Europe. He was previously Regional Sales Director of Trintech France.

Norbert-Le-BoennecNorbert Le Boennec joins Weave as that associate

The Weave cabinet announces the arrival of Norbert Le Boennec as a partner. He will be in charge of the finance and Business Performance offer. Norbert Le Boennec previously held the position of partner at Deloitte.

Klicia-SchubertBraaxe promotes two of its employees

Braaxe announces the promotion of two of its employees. Previously a strategic planner, Klicia Schubert becomes Business and Strategy manager. As for Clement Bouton, he arrives at the post of creative director after having been artistic director then production director.

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