[INSIDERS] The 10 small French towns that are doing well on Airbnb

by bold-lichterman

INSIDERS The 10 small French towns that are doing well
Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, Normandy. Credits: Shutterstock.

This fall, nearly 1,000 tourists will travel to Challans, in Vendée, 92% more bookings compared to the same period last year. The Vendée city is ahead of Dieppe, in Normandy (increase of 83%), and Cancale, in Brittany (increase of 82%).

Here is the ranking of the 10 French cities with the highest booking rates this fall:

1. Challans (Vendée): + 92%

2. Dieppe (Seine-Maritime): + 83%

3. Cancale (Ile-et-Vilaine): + 82%

4. Gruissan (Aude): + 81%

5. Grosseto-Prugna (South Corsica): + 70%

6. Saint-Malo (Ile-et-Vilaine): + 68%

7. Six-Fours-les-Plages (Var): + 67%

8. Étretat (Seine-Maritime): + 64%1605258500 331 TLDR Tech news that you shouldnt miss this 1019

© Christophe Pelletier – Orange.

However, 29 million households are still subscribed to ADSL, against a little less than 4 million to fiber. But still according to the daily, this rise to the niche in tight rows would not be without ulterior motives. ” They hope to obtain a reduction in unbundling tariffs, decided by Arcep “. Indeed, the three operators must pay a fee to the incumbent operator Orange, set by Arcep, to use the copper network.

#IoT: the French love connected objects but find them complex

Users of connected objects mostly consider their use to be complex, 64% of them never using all of the functionalities of their devices, according to a study carried out by the Boulanger distribution group. While 74% of those questioned consider that connected objects represent a “real revolution”, an increasingly large proportion consider that their installation is “complex” or even “annoying”, for 32% of them (against 19% in 2016) and almost half (45%) ask for help from a relative or on the Internet to install them (38% in 2016).

INSIDERS The 10 small French towns that are doing well
Amazon Echo. Credits: Amazon.

Among the most widely considered equipment, connected watches or bracelets, smart meters or connected electrical equipment (thermostats, electrical outlet, bulb) come first among the objects considered first by French households.