[INSIDERS] SMEs on the menu of discussions between Emmanuel Macron and Tim Cook

by bold-lichterman

#AuSommet: SMEs on the menu of discussions between Emmanuel Macron and Tim Cook

AFP-Secretary of State in charge of digital Mounir Mahjoubi wants Emmanuel Macron to discuss with Apple boss Tim Cook the issue of French SMEs and their relationship with the American multinational during their meeting on Tuesday, he said. indicated Monday on Europe 1.

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Elon Musk. Credits: Y Combinator.

This tunnel will initially be used for tests, the general public will therefore have to wait before traveling there. ” The first tunnel is almost finished“, Mr. Musk wrote on his twitter account on Sunday evening. ” Opening December 10“, He adds.

In another message just as vague, the company manager lets it be known that there is going to be an official event that evening and ” free trips for the general public the next day“. The Boring Company, the tunnel company created by the South African-born entrepreneur, is pushing for the construction of this equipment to relieve congestion in large cities.

In Los Angeles, the company presented last May a project of shuttles that would connect the already existing subway lines. We embark on the surface, in the equivalent of stations that descend underground via a kind of elevator then join a network of high-speed tracks where they circulate on electricity at a speed of up to 485 km / h.

These shuttles can carry around twenty people each and are halfway between the metro and the private car. Users would pay $ 1 to get to Los Angeles International Airport from the city’s administrative center in less than ten minutes.

Elon Musk is a jack-of-all-trades having multiplied the creation of companies with a preference for transport. In addition to the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, he founded the aerospace company SpaceX and launched the ambitious Hyperloop project, an ultra-fast subsonic train made up of pressurized capsules circulating in low-pressure tubes to overcome aerodynamic friction and graze the Wall of sound. However, this hyperactivity is accompanied by escapades, which have ended up boring a large number of investors. He was recently forced to give up the presidency of the board of directors of Tesla to settle an investigation by the gendarme of the Stock Exchange who accused him of “fraud”.

#Delay: the IPO of telecoms operator O2 frozen until Brexit

AFP – Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica has frozen plans to list telephone operator O2 on the London Stock Exchange until Brexit, the British news agency revealed on Monday PA.

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Credit: Dom J / Shutterstock

The IPO of O2, one of the main operators in the United Kingdom which could weigh around 10 billion pounds, has been studied by its parent company since 2016 and the failure of a merger with its competitor Three, owned of the Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa.

PA recalls that the project was however on the verge of being completed by the end of the year, after the allocation of 4G and 5G frequencies last April. But fears over Brexit and the disappointing recent debut on the stock market by luxury car maker Aston Martin and fintech Funding Circle have cooled Telefonica and forced it to postpone the deal.

Telefonica CEO Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete himself warned in August in an interview with the British daily The Times than ” the financial markets did not seem ready ”For a rating of O2. Asked by AFP, Telefonica explained Monday that it had not set a timetable for the IPO of O2, saying it had always waited ” good market conditions“. For Telefonica, a listing of its subsidiary would raise precious funds to reduce its huge debt of around 40 billion euros, even if it has recently strengthened its financial base with profits rising since last year .

#Asia: Japan orders Facebook to improve data protection

AFP – The Japanese government on Monday ordered the American giant Facebook to better protect the data of its users, after a series of cases that affected tens of millions of people. The Personal Data Protection Commission looked into the discovery in September of a major security breach, which had allowed hackers to access certain personal data of some 29 million users, including “probably JapaneseAccording to the government. The supervisory authority called on Facebook, the world’s leading social network, to investigate the causes of the problem and take preventative measures.

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The Commission also took an interest in the Cambridge Analytica case: data from tens of millions of users had been used without their knowledge during the 2016 US presidential election. According to its findings, nearly 100,000 Facebook users may have been affected by this scandal in Japan alone. “This is the first time that the Commission, which has investigated these breaches with the British authorities, has issued warnings against Facebook», Said a spokesperson, contacted by theAFP.

More generally, the Japanese authority urged Facebook to communicate better with Internet users and to respond to them more quickly, for example when they request an account deletion. Faced with the anger of the Japanese authorities, Facebook promised “promptly inform users in the event of inappropriate use of its platform and cooperate with the Commission and regulators in other countries“.