[INSIDERS] Romain Huet leaves Twitter to …

by bold-lichterman


Romain Huet, the co-founder and ex Chief Technical Officer of Jolicloud, quit Twitter and join Stripe. He joined the blue bird in 2013 as a Senior Developer Advocate. Stripe is an online payment application in development; for the moment it is in Beta version in fourteen countries including France. Last September, Stripe unveiled a new “buy” button, dubbed “Stripe relay” for social media such as Twitter.

Romain Huet started his career in digital at Netvibes in 2007.

His new mission will be to promote the solution to the developer community. A new adventure that he did not fail to announce on… Twitter.

Mediapart launches an SOS


The subscription information site was notified of a total tax adjustment of 4.1 million euros for the period 2008-2014. Mediapart had indeed declared to the tax authorities as a press organ, and therefore subject to a tax of 2.1%, while it is an online press medium, and must therefore be taxed at 20%. Result, by retroactively applying this tax, the site owes 4.1 million euros to the State… They call for the solidarity of contrib… readers and citizens, in particular to “maintain their independence”. Edwy Plenel the founder mentions on his blog “a bad deal from the tax authorities”.

Musical return to the past …


Launched in 2014, Radioooooo is a collaborative web radio with an intuitive and fun interface. The project was born on the initiative of Benjamin Moreau, a DJ. The principle is as follows: selection of a decade between the year 1900 and 2000 at the bottom of your screen then of a country on the planisphere of the site, and the musical journey in time can begin. Although the site and the mobile application are slow, the idea is nonetheless new and creative.

In April 2015, the start-up raised funds of 500,000 euros with T. Mulliez of the Marseillais Provence Business Angels network and private individuals. The site is available as a mobile application on Android and iOS.

His name is jesus


The100% food advertising agency launches Jesus, from the Jesus and Gabriel group, a magazine dedicated to food. Food is approached under the angel of the story and the human being, no photo of dishes, no selection of fine wines. Issue 1 hits newsstands on November 25 at a price of 4.90 euros for 166 pages. The Jesus magazine website (jesus-magazine.com) is not yet online.

Teleportation will no longer be the preserve of superheroes


Facebook wants to remove the boundaries between the real and the virtual. Mark Zuckerberg’s teams would rely on virtual reality technology fromOculus Rift, glasses that look like a mask. It would not be a question of circling the globe in a blink of an eye, but rather of finding yourself in a virtual place. However, this technology will not be on the shelves right away since Facebook is giving itself ten years to develop “virtual teleportation”.

“Facebook wants to build a device that will allow you to be where you want, with anyone, without worrying about geographic borders”, Mike Schroepfer, chief technology officer for the Menlo Park, Calif., firm said at a press conference, according to the Business Insider UK.

Today’s figure: $ 37.6 billion

Golden Gate Bridge and downtown San FranciscoThis is the amount of financing granted to start-ups around the world in the third quarter in the world, to 1,799 companies financed by venture capital. The largest share comes unsurprisingly to North America with more than 20 billion in financings for 1,076 companies. In second place, Asia has “only” 13.5 billion in financing for 373 companies. And, with almost the same number of companies, Europe is lagging behind with its 313 start-ups which have benefited from 3.5 billion dollars in funding, according to the results of the study entitled “Global Analysis of Venture FundingFrom KPMG and CB Insights.



Eric Pantera joined the executive committee of Viadeo, he now reports directly to Thierry Lunati and Dan Serfaty, CEOs and co-founders of Viadeo. He is currently Vice President Engineering at Viadeo. A graduate of EPITA in 2004, he co-founded and managed Hubluc.com from 2011 to 2013 and began the overhaul of engineering at Viadéo in 2013.


Franck Negro is named Managing Director France at Experian Marketing Services. He joined the company in February 2015 as Chief Operating Officer. He was previously at Adobe from 1997 to 2014, where he became Sales Director for South West Europe. Franck Negro had started as an Accounts Payable Manager at Adobe.

Personalize the customer experience for maximum engagement

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4 out of 5 consumers say that brands do not know them as individuals – see eConsultancy study “The Consumer conversation” *. Alarming finding which underlines the difficulty of marketers in being able to engage each of their customers in a personalized way.

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DocuSign Summit Paris

November 18

DocuSign is pleased to present the DocuSign Summit France to you. During this morning, placed under the sign of innovation, we will present the electronic signature and our digital transaction solutions for the French market. Customers as well as analysts will join us to share their experience and expertise in the field of digital transformation.

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