[INSIDERS] Peter Gabriel invests in a blockchain startup

by bold-lichterman

Peter Gabriel joins the personalities drawn to blockchains. Indeed, the legendary musician, founding member of Genesis, solo singer, pioneer of world music – and also idol of some members of this editorial team – has invested in the blockchain startup Provenance. The British artist participated in a funding round led by Working Capital Fund, with Digital Currency Group, Merian Ventures and Plug and Play. The amount was not disclosed.

Provenance operates a blockchain solution for the food sector. According to CEO Jessi Baker, “Provenance’s mission is to improve the monitoring of consumer products by providing reliable and accessible information. This funding will help us develop our tools to make supply chains more reliable. “

According to the press release of the English startup (who also took the opportunity to announce a board now predominantly female), Peter Gabriel explains: “We need to be able to trust the distribution and distribution chain, especially when it comes to ensuring that things are produced ethically and environmentally. I am convinced that the Provenance service will play, with the help of its blockchain data system, a great role and will be of great use for the consumer to provide a level playing field for small independent producers to face big players . “

As the song says: “Big time, I’m on my way, I’m making it. “

He was the last of three Siri creators still in place in Cupertino. After the departure of Adam Cheyer and Dag Kittlaus, it’s Tom Gruber’s turn to leave Apple. The three men joined the company after acquiring the startup in 2010.

INSIDERS Peter Gabriel invests in a blockchain startup
Credit: Hadrien / Shutterstock

The departure is, according to observers, to be linked to the arrival of John Giannandrea, former head of research and artificial intelligence at Google, at the head of the firm’s AI and machine-learning strategy at the apple – scope of which the development of Siri is part. The performance of Apple’s voice assistant is seen as lagging behind the technologies developed by its rivals Google or Amazon.

Hyperloop TT continues to expand. The company announced the signing of its first trade agreement in China. As a reminder, Hyperloop TT is one of the companies seeking to implement the “train of the future” project in the form of capsules circulating at high speed in low pressure tubes – a project theorized by Elon Musk.

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Credit: Hyperloop

The agreement was signed by both HyperloopTT and the Chinese group Tongren Transportation & Tourism Investment for the establishment of a 10 km commercial line in Tongren in the province of Guizhou.

HyperloopTT will be responsible for providing the technology, engineering and equipment. Tongren will be in charge of the certification, regulatory framework and construction of the system.