[INSIDERS] London High Court blocks consumer lawsuit against Google

by bold-lichterman

#Great Britain: London High Court blocks consumer lawsuit against Google

AFP– The High Court in London on Monday refused to allow legal action against Google from a consumer association, which accuses the American group of illegally collecting personal data from iPhone users.

INSIDERS London High Court blocks consumer lawsuit against Google
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The association “Google You Owe Us” (Google, you owe us something), led by the former leader of the consumer association Which ?, Richard Lloyd, was trying to obtain compensation for more than 4 million users , thus hoping to carry out the first action of this type in the country. The association accuses Google of having bypassed iPhone security options and collected personal data between August 2011 and February 2012 using the Safari browser.

It is indisputable that the alleged role of Google in the collection, compilation and use of data obtained through Safari was unlawful.“Said Judge Mark Warby. However, the alleged facts “ do not support the assertion that Mr. Lloyd or any of those he represents “suffered prejudice and Mr. Lloyd” failed to establish “That the complaint had a” real chance of success“.

“Today’s judgment is very disappointing and leaves millions of people with no way to seek redress and compensation when their personal data is abused.“Reacted Richard Lloyd, announcing that he would seek to appeal the decision. For its part, Google had argued that this type of collective action was not suitable and should therefore be stopped. Lawyers for the Californian company had stressed that it was not possible to identify possible victims and that the compensation claim had no chance of success.

Information concerning social or ethnic origin, health, political opinions, users’ sexual preferences or even their purchasing habits had been collected, Mr Lloyd’s lawyers reported at a hearing in May. This information was then compiled and then offered to advertisers, the lawyers explained. A similar case was brought to British justice in 2015 by three people. The latter had obtained an agreement remained confidential but which had opened the door to a collective action, according to Google You Owe Us. In the United States, Google had been fined 22.5 million dollars in August 2012, which had terminated lawsuits by the US commerce regulator, the Federal Trade Commission, over the group’s practices regarding data recovery through Safari.

# Telecoms: operators launch a new service for the deaf and hard of hearing

AFP -The French Telecoms Federation is launching on Monday a new telephone service dedicated to the deaf and hard of hearing, which allows you to call for free and chat with any interlocutor through an interpreter.

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The Federation thus complies with the digital law adopted in October 2016. A decree concerning disabled people obliges telephone operators to give access, free of charge, to one hour of communication per month to deaf and hard of hearing people, via a translation of the conversation in the language of their choice. ” Today we arrive at an essential stage that we have been waiting for for many years“Said Jérémie Boroy, president of the National Union for the Social Integration of the Hearing Impaired (UNISDA), Thursday, during a presentation of this new service.

The FFTelecoms Federation, which brings together fifteen telephone operators including Altice SFR, Bouygues and Orange, chose the French start-up Roger Voice to develop its application, while the operator Free (Iliad group) relied on the DEAFI company to develop the Free telephone relay.

When making the call, the deaf or hard of hearing person sees a list of different options displayed on their screen: a sign language interpreter, a “completed spoken language coder” or a visual call with transcription of the sub. titling and correction by “a scribe”. The decree also concerns public services and companies with a turnover of more than 250 million, which are supposed to make, as of Monday, their services accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday. Of the five million people who have, to varying degrees, a relationship to deafness, 500,000 people who are severely deaf or profoundly deaf are “prevented from talking to the telephone”, according to Jérémie Boroy.

#Collaboration: Technological research institutes doubled their technology transfers to companies in 2018

AFP – The Technological Research Institutes (IRT) doubled their technology transfers to companies in 2018 and continued to develop partnerships with manufacturers, said Monday the president of the French Institutes of Technology (FIT) association, Vincent Marcatté .

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The number of technology transfers increased from 201 at the end of September 2017 to 411 at the end of September 2018, he told the press. Transfers had already doubled the previous year, he recalled. ” VS‘is a result which shows the rise of each of our IRTs“, Thanks to both” mature projects “And the participation of” many more industrial members To activities, he explained.

IRTs were launched in 2011-2012 to develop collaboration between industry and public research. They are financed half by the private sector and half by the State, via the Investments for the Future Program to the tune of 100 million euros per year. It is planned to reduce the State’s share to one third in 2025. The eight IRTs now have 760 members and industrial partners, against 521 a year earlier.