[INSIDERS] Less than two weeks of vacation on average for developers in the summer …

by bold-lichterman

DevelopersTwo thirds of developers take their vacation between July (25%) and August (44.8%), this is what emerges from a study carried out by JobProd on the developers summer vacation. For 54.2% of developers surveyed, summer vacation is the time when they will be able to recover energy to last until Christmas vacation. However, some do not manage to give up work since 20.8% take advantage of the summer rest to improve their skills and take an interest in other Tech subjects and 10.4% to take stock of their career and their professional desires.

Unsurprisingly, the family appears to be a priority in the choice of the developers’ vacation periods. Thus, 39.6% of them say that they take their summer vacation to be assured of spending time with their spouse and their children. When asked what they would take to a desert island, they are even 45.9% to choose their spouse, in front of the computer (16.6%). In addition, nearly 70% of them have a ritual during the summer… and it is not very fun! In fact, 27.1% of developers clean their mailbox during their summer vacation and 11.5% even say they are depressed.

** Methodology: 530 people responded to the survey launched by the JobProd marketplace, in 4 days, as part of the study.

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doctor examining a child in a hospitalThe European Investment Bank (BEI) has just allocated a budget of 25 million euros to Valneva, a company specializing in the development, production and marketing of vaccines. This loan contract is subject to suspensive conditions.

As soon as these are met, Valneva will be able to use this investment in one or more installments over a 24 month period. This loan is intended to finance the R&D activities of the group based in Lyon. The EIB loan will notably make it possible to continue the development of vaccines against Lyme disease or to defeat the Zika virus.

The Galion BoosterThey were 112 on the starting line, five in the final .. and it is finally eLum who won the very first Galleon Booster, competition aimed at entrepreneurs in the early stage. On the occasion of its first start-up competition, The Galion Project, a think tank created last year which brings together French tech entrepreneurs, has invited around a hundred entrepreneurs who have international ambitions to present their project. Candidate start-ups had to respond to the following challenge: pitch their project in 104 words and 15 seconds.

In this perilous exercise, only five composted their ticket for the final: Designed4work, NU, MIProbotics, Wecocer and eLum. After a month of coaching, the start-up eLum won the grand final of the Galion Booster, which was held on the Criteo rooftop, in Paris, on Thursday, July 7. Therefore, Cyril Colin and Karim El Alami, the founders of eLum, join The Galion Project for a year and fly to Brazil to participate in Galion Break.

ironcapitalThe French venture capital landscape continues to change under the impetus of new players who are setting up there, such as Daphni, of OneRagTime or evenIronCapital, officially launched on July 8. In operation since last April, the fund has a budget of 10 million which will be invested in digital subscription services over the next five years. He has already invested in 18 companies, including companies such as Cheerz, Youboox and Gustave & Rosalie. The specificity of the fund lies in the fact that the financial contribution is coupled with a training program developed to help entrepreneurs market their solutions.

We are not financiers but entrepreneurs always at the head of our other companies. As an entrepreneur, I have never found a fund capable of providing me with both expertise and money.», Explains Julien Foussard, founder of IronCapital and entrepreneur, in a press release. It should be noted that the IronCapital fund belongs to the same parent company as IronWeb, a London-based start-up studio specializing in the development of subscription-based digital services, also founded by Julien Foussard in 2014.

FinTech Younited Credit (ex-Prêt d’Union) launches its first video advertising campaign, produced with Buzzman. The three advertising spots, with a humorous and quirky tone, highlight the speed with which the company responds to a loan request. You will never take a loan application lightly again …

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Digital DevicesTwo-thirds of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are in charge of customer experience within their organization, and more than a third say their annual goals depend in part on customer satisfaction, study finds The Evolved CMO In 2016. Another lesson from the study carried out among 275 professionals, 58% of respondents state that they monitor performance indicators linked to customer satisfaction at the level of the entire company. Finally, 35% of them do not trust their management to help their organization adapt to the changes linked to its digital transformation.

** Methodology: 275 CMOs, working in B2B or B2C companies were interviewed as part of the study. This is the third edition of the study since 2012.
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A new trend in e-commerce, purchases from a mobile are booming. They are expected to grow 200% faster than e-commerce in 2017, according to data reported by the company dr-discount.nl in an infographic (Dutch version of the Ecorueil company). Which markets are growing the fastest? What exactly do mobile users buy and how much do they spend on average? Below is an excerpt devoted to average m-commerce baskets.


Enova Paris 2016: towards a new dynamic
September 14 and 15 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

The IoT and connected objects are now omnipresent and impose electronics in all sectors of our economy. … .Of this observation, ENOVA PARIS which has always known how to evolve to adapt to new technological changes, offers a modernized 2016 edition driven by new connectivity needs.

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