[INSIDERS] Justice Minister asks Google to blur aerial views of prisons

by bold-lichterman

# Security: Nicole Belloubet, Minister of Justice, asks Google to blur aerial views of prisons

AFP -The Minister of Justice announced Tuesday that she had asked Google to blur the aerial views of prisons available on Google Maps and Google Earth, including that of Vendin-le-Vieil where the robber Redoine Faïd is imprisoned. ” I wrote to Google to ask that there be action taken to remove these penal institutions Google mapping services, said Nicole Belloubet on RTL, regretting that her requests have not yet been successful. ” I will ask to meet the people who are in charge of these questions“, She added.

INSIDERS Justice Minister asks Google to blur aerial views of
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According to a spokesperson for Google France, who responded to AFP to the minister’s comments, Google Earth and Google Maps aggregate images ” which come from various external suppliers, public or private“. ” In line “Of its exchanges with the government, Google France says to have transmitted to its suppliers” a list of sensitive sites, asking them to take the necessary measures to send us images that comply with the legislation in force as soon as possible“.

Google Earth and Google Maps make it possible to visualize aerial shots of certain French prisons. The prisons of Réau (Seine-et-Marne), from where Redoine Faïd had escaped by helicopter on July 1, Vendin-le-Vieil (Pas-de-Calais) or Valenciennes (Nord) were thus visible on Tuesday. By zooming in on Google Maps, we can clearly see the different buildings that make them up, football fields, courtyards or enclosures.

On the other hand, other prisons are blurred, such as those of Baumettes in Marseille or Bois d’Arcy (Yvelines). ” I find that it is not normal that secure establishments like our prisons are found on the internet“, The Keeper of the Seals reacted again. Sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role of “organizer” in a failed robbery in 2010 which cost the life of a municipal police officer, Redoine Faïd fled thanks to an armed commando who had previously taken a pilot hostage. ‘helicopter. Redoine Faïd is currently detained in the ultra-secure prison of Vendin-le-Vieil where he has started a hunger strike to challenge the imprisonment of his landlady and members of his family and his conditions of detention.

#Appointment: Sophie Viger becomes general director of school 42

School 42, co-founded by Xavier Niel, announces the appointment of Sophie Viger to the position of General Manager. The latter is appointed to the general management of 42 in France and the United States.

Sophie Viger has been an independent developer, computer programming teacher, director of the Web @ cadémie, the Samsung Campus and the Coding Academy by Epitech. With Florian Bucher, co-founder of 42, their mission will be to continue the development of the school, to double the number of Parisian students and to set up a campus in the capital with 1000 housing units and point. They will also have the task of accelerating the development of 42 USA.

#International: Wibbitz, specialized in automated video creation, strengthens its presence in Europe

New York-based Wibbitz, which specializes in automated video creation solutions, continues to grow in Europe with the opening of an office in London. She already has them in her hometown as well as in Paris and Tel Aviv.

Wibbitz 2018 10 09 à 17.25.03
Credit: Wibbitz

This will be led by Jane Loring, a digital expert, who will be in charge of Wibbitz international accounts, such as Bertelsmann, Daily Mail, Reuters, Hearst or Bloomberg on the one hand and the development of the British office on the other. The company claims more than 400 publishers and client brands.

Last year, TF1 participated in a round table during which Wibbitz had raised $ 20 million. In addition to the French television channel, The Weather Channel, Associated Press and Horizons Ventures were also among the investors. In its early days, the company was also supported by Kima Ventures, the Xavier Niel.