[INSIDERS] Instagram will add an account authentication option

by bold-lichterman

# Certified: Instagram will add an account authentication option

AFP – The social network Instagram has decided to add an option to its service: the authentication of accounts of personalities, major brands or organizations. Blue signage will indicate accounts whose owner has gone through a verification process, including a copy of an identity document, explained Mike Krieger, chief technology officer at Instagram.

INSIDERS Instagram will add an account authentication option
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Keeping people with bad intentions away from our platform is extremely important to me“, He indicated in a message posted on the internet. According to him, ” it means making sure the people you follow and the accounts you interact with are who they say they are, and stopping the bad guys before they cause damage“.

This initiative, which should be deployed during the month of September, comes at a time when major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others are stepping up measures to avoid in particular the disinformation campaigns launched in the run-up to important elections. , as during the 2016 presidential campaign in the United States. Krieger said that in the coming weeks the most popular accounts will display additional information, including when they were created, where they are located and what ads they are likely to display. Instagram, acquired in April 2012 by Facebook, announced in June that it had crossed the threshold of one billion active users.

# Cybersecurity: data from 20,000 Air Canada customers

And one more data breach. This time around, she is putting Air Canada assets on board. The Canadian airline has confirmed a breach in its mobile application. The fault could affect 20,000 people, or 1% of its 1.7 million users. As a precaution, all accounts in the Air Canada app have been blocked. Users are invited to change their password.

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The airline said it had “detected unusual behavior during access attemptsTo its mobile application between August 22 and 24. In an email sent to its customers, it also specifies that basic information, such as the user’s name, email address and phone number, as well as more sensitive data, including passport numbers, dates of birth, nationalities and countries of residence, could be understood. However, the carrier ensures that the bank details have not been consulted. Earlier this year, the American company Delta Air Lines revealed that a security breach had compromised the data of its customers.

#Money: Warren Buffett bets on Paytm, his first investment in India

Warren Buffett has invested around $ 360 million in One97 Communications, the parent company of Paytm, through his company Berkshire Hathaway. Paytm is an Indian mobile payment platform.

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The company is thus valued at 10 billion dollars, according to information obtained by CNN. Also according to the American media, Paytm is the Indian leader in mobile payments with more than 300 million users. A market in which Google has also been present since last year with its Tez application, recently renamed Google Pay, while Facebook-owned WhatsApp is testing a similar service in the country.

To maintain its lead, Paytm therefore needs funds. With this first Indian bet, Warren Buffet’s investment firm further confirms the enormous potential of the Indian tech market. Even if investors did not wait for it to believe it. For example, in 2017, Japanese giant Softbank had already invested $ 1.4 billion in Paytm, while Chinese Alibaba has supported the company for several years.

#AdTech: Criteo lost its Facebook Marketing Partner accreditation

According to information obtained by the Journal du Net, Criteo, the French specialist in advertising retargeting, lost its Facebook Marketing Partner accreditation on July 1. As we can read on the page dedicated to this service, “ Facebook reserves the right to grant or remove access to the program at its sole discretion. “. So that’s what happened to Criteo.

INSIDERS Instagram will add an account authentication option
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This service is notably supposed to provide “partners” with better “insights” and “data” on the Facebook ecosystem for their marketing operations. Criteo would not have met Facebook’s demands. One of the reasons could relate to the fact that the company ” optimizes its bidding strategy in order to have a CPC [coût par clic, Ndlr] as low as possible, even if it means eliminating the most premium traffic », Explained a specialist to Journal du Net. The business now has to make do with standard API access. In any case, this comes in an already difficult context for the company which must review its business model since Apple introduced a system that severely restricts advertising tracking on Safari via cookies. Jean-Baptiste Rudelle was therefore recalled to the post of CEO of Criteo in April 2018.