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Easy Partner is publishing its study on the salaries of French developers this Thursday, May 26. We learn that a beginner developer earns at least between 30,000 and 45,000 euros per year in Paris (depending on the languages ​​he masters), and between 24,000 and 30,000 euros in the provinces.

For an experienced developer (more than 5 years of experience), the difference goes from a minimum annual salary of 46,000 to 54,000 euros in Paris and from 38,000 to 42,000 euros in the provinces.


** The study was carried out using data collected by Easy Partner as part of its placements made in 2015.

SkyPlanning a trip on Facebook Messenger is now possible with Skyscanner. The online travel comparator has just announced the launch of a bot on Facebook Messenger to allow its users to search for flights through a simple conversation on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. By interacting with the bot, travelers will be able to ask it directly for the price of a plane ticket or for information on destinations.

From this conversation of a new kind, it is then possible to follow a link to the Skyscanner website to book your trip, from the flight to the hotel, including car rental on site. “The launch of our Messenger bot will allow more people to search for trips in a fun and informative way», Explained Filip Filipov, on the sidelines of this announcement. Small detail which is important, the bot is expressed only in the language of Skakespeare …

mablabThe university restaurant of Mabillon, in the Latin quarter of Paris, will now become from 3 p.m. the Mab’Lab, a coworking and training space for students and entrepreneurs designed by the Frateli association. A project that saw the light of day after the call for expressions of interest “Coworking spaces” launched by the City of Paris. The idea was then to find an activity allowing to occupy rooms which are empty after lunch. The space is free until June 2.

The lack of links between the student world and that of the company is one of the major obstacles to the professional integration of students. It is also a brake on innovation, on the emergence of students with business ideas in line with market needs. We want to change this»Says Elifsu Sabuncu, responsible for the space, in a press release. “In the age of the sharing economy, making a dining room U, empty most of the time, also serve as a workplace seems to go without saying, but in practice, there is no precedent and everything remained to be invented», Adds Ywan Penvern, Managing Director of Frateli Lab.

Michael Pryor TRELLOThe editor of the project management solution Trello claims to have crossed the $ 10 million mark in recurring revenue. The American company, which now has more than 80 employees, raised a similar amount two years ago. It now claims to have more than 14 million registered users, including 1.1 million active users every day. “The French version of Trello has been around since September 2015 and already has over 460,000 users», Details the company in a press release.

Review the interview with Michael Pryor, CEO of Trello, published on Frenchweb in September 2015:

VMWare presented, this Thursday, May 26, the results of its latest study on cybersecurity in business. We learn in particular that the issue of cybersecurity is largely underestimated by the leaders of French companies: only 11% of them place it among their priorities, while a third of companies believe that they will be attacked in the next three months.

If we consider that a quarter of IT managers do not inform their management in the event of an attack, we understand where this delay can come from.

In the absence of an internal body supposed to manage the issue of cyber-security, the latter is very often considered from its technical angle above all. However, strengthening it would first require better information and training of employees for 37% of managers questioned as part of the study.

It remains to clarify the question of the attribution of this mission to an internal direction …

vmware-infographic-SOURCE FILES

NRJThe operator NRJ Mobile decided to entrust its advertising budget to Buzzman. The ad agency won the tender ahead of Change, Sid Lee and outgoing agency Kids Love Jetlag. As part of this partnership, Buzzman will be responsible for repositioning the brand within a highly competitive mobile world. In addition, the agency will provide its expertise in the group’s social media strategy. To date, NRJ Mobile claims 1.5 million subscribers.

Big Data & Predictive, artificial intelligence marketing at the service of “drive to web to store”
May 31 at 11 a.m. with Emarsys

Mass marketing, undifferentiated, is less and less relevant and effective. Each client is different and wants to receive special treatment. This customization, the famous “one to one” is even more critical and strategic, in retail or e-commerce where knowing the Customer has long been the key to success, while the industrialization of processes, the digitization of points of contact, and multi-channel make it increasingly complex to acquire and maintain.

The consequence: Retailers – e or phy – are investing more and more to implement coherent and efficient digital drive-to-web-to-store strategies, to capture ever more data, while knowing less and less how to use it . Systematic and real-time behavioral analysis, coupled with artificial intelligence can help you personalize each communication to interest, integrate into a “web to drive to store” strategy, and maximize the Customer experience and your income .

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Web After Work Paris
June 28 from 7 p.m.

Five innovative startups will pitch for 5 minutes to present their project to the Parisian tech community. At the end of each presentation the public will be able to ask their questions and then at the end of the evening we will vote for the best startup of the evening.

We propose :

It is up to project leaders to make themselves known and to compare their project to professionals in their community,
For the public to discover new products / techno.

Web After Work @ Paris are Parisian events bringing together the digital marketing community. On this occasion, over a drink, come and discuss with your peers, customers, current or future partners on business issues in a friendly atmosphere!

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