[INSIDERS] French Tech: Mounir Mahjoubi wants to help large groups

by bold-lichterman

#FrenchTech: Mounir Mahjoubi wants to help large groups

The announcements of the government concerning the French digital ecosystem are linked. On Wednesday, Mounir Mahjoubi received more than 90 people from the French Tech ecosystem, a meeting following which his firm issued a press release detailing the development avenues envisaged. And the government wants to put large groups as well as “successful startups” to contribute.

Indeed, he plans to launch at the beginning of 2019 a support fund called the French Tech Community fund. It will be implemented via state seed funding, but the press release announces that it will be “to all French Tech partnersTo feed it. The press release cites large groups, investment funds or even “successful startups”, on a voluntary basis. The State ” will put in the order of two million “Euros to start this fund and” that would be great “If the amounts raised were between five and ten million euros, a government source told AFP.

This fund will be used to support “special events, new places, new tools“. As a reminder, Frech Tech has a budget of 15 million euros intended to support its promotion. In May, Kat Borlongan took over as head of the organization, succeeding David Monteau.

# E-commerce: Amazon cancels the construction of one of its warehouses in Brétigny-sur-Orge

Amazon would see its ambitions down in France? The huge logistics complex that the American group planned to build in Brétigny-sur-Orge, in Île-de-France, will ultimately only have one warehouse instead of the two planned, as revealed The echoes. The building permit having been canceled by the company.

INSIDERS French Tech Mounir Mahjoubi wants to help large groups
Credit: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

Thus, finally, only the warehouse of 142,000 meters and dedicated to the preparation of orders will be inaugurated. The second was to be dedicated to the control and sorting of parcels. It is also this Brétigny-sur-Orge site that will host the first Amazon robot workers in France. The company has not commented on the reasons for this cancellation.

#FoodTech: Jow raises 1.5 million euros to help you plan your meals for the week

FoodTech Jow announces a funding round of 1.5 million euros led by e.Ventures. Kima Ventures and Aglaé Ventures are also among the investors.

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Credit: Jow

Founded in 2017, Jow is a service that allows users to automatically fill their online shopping “cart” based on their dietary preferences and recipes recommended and selected by users. These races are then delivered to your home. With this fundraising, the company wishes to finance its growth and its international deployment.

#Launch: LeKiosk is launching a subscription that gives access to unlimited press titles

LeKiosk is developing its offer. The company announces the launch of a general public offer giving access to a catalog of more than 1000 press titles in unlimited reading. The subscription is offered at 9.99 euros per month.

INSIDERS French Tech Mounir Mahjoubi wants to help large groups
Credit: LeKiosk

The launch of the LeKiosk Unlimited offer is a new step in the world of the press. Combining such a qualitative catalog with unlimited reading and a high-performance product is a first in France. This subscription is the best way to promote the press when the sector is reinventing itself.”, Said Ari Assuied, president and founder of LeKiosk in a statement. This subscription will provide access to major French and international titles. LeKiosk has been working in the digital press for 10 years.

#Appointment: Levana Siboni becomes Head of News of the Yahoo site in France

Oath, the company created in June 2017 to bring together the activities of Yahoo and AOL, announces the appointment of Levana Siboni as Head of News for the Yahoo site in France.

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Credit: Yahoo

With a master’s degree in philosophy and journalism, Levana Siboni was, since 2017, head of the News division for the Cerise Group (Prisma Group). Between 2014 and 2017, she was the editorial manager of Kiosk, the brand content agency of the Cerise group.