[INSIDERS] BuzzFeed: the dismissal procedure suspended by the court

by bold-lichterman

BuzzFeed employees have won a small reprieve. The Paris tribunal de grande instance has decided to suspend the closure of BuzzFeed, while the American management submits additional information concerning the financial situation of the company.

INSIDERS BuzzFeed the dismissal procedure suspended by the court
Credit: Piotr Swat / Shutterstock

Indeed, following the announcement of the closure of the French site and the dismissal of its 14 employees at the beginning of June, the employees seized the court to question the legality of the redundancy procedure. The court therefore ruled that the documents provided by the American group are not currently sufficient to continue the process. He must therefore provide others.

For its part, the US management has said it is ready to cooperate and provide additional documents but remains firm on its decision to end the activities of the French branch of BuzzFeed.

In April, we told you about the difficulty Tesla was encountering in achieving Model 3 production targets. A crucial issue for the company, which must prove that it can produce on a large scale and meet its pre-orders if it hopes to become a mainstream brand.

1605286639 509 INSIDERS BuzzFeed the dismissal procedure suspended by the court
Tesla’s Model 3. Credit: Tesla

Tesla finally blows. The company finally managed to produce 5,000 Model 3s in one week at the end of June. An objective that it was normally supposed to achieve since the end of 2017. The company had in particular to solve bottleneck problems on its production ramps and had even closed the Fremont plant in California, where are produced vehicles, for several days.

Elon Musk’s company narrowly met its weekly target as the last car rolled off the production ramps Sunday morning. The question is whether it will manage to keep up this pace over the long term.

France Barter, a cooperative platform specializing in business-to-business exchanges, announces the takeover of the startup Jacoop.

France Barter claims more than 1,200 user companies in Île-de-France and Rhônes Alpes. For its part, Jacoop has 1,600 companies on its collaborative BtoB marketplace. With this acquisition, France Barter wishes to accelerate its development and reach a critical mass of users. “It revolves around common visions and values ​​to offer digital networking tools to help companies develop by finding business opportunities,” says the company.

France Barter’s system can be described as barter between companies. The “Barter”, an Anglo-Saxon term meaning “barter”, allows companies in the market place to buy and sell products and services by means of compensated invoices, without recourse to their treasuries. A unit of account specific to the network has been set up: Le Bart € r (1 € = 1B €).