[INSIDERS] BlaBlaCar becomes profitable for the first time in 12 years

by bold-lichterman

#Carpooling: BlaBlaCar becomes profitable for the first time in 12 years

12 years after its creation, BlaBlaCar announces that it has reached profitability. In a press release, the carpooling company explains more precisely to be ” profitable in 2018 to date “. A milestone achieved thanks to a 40% growth in turnover compared to 2017 and has a “sound management of its resources», Details the company which does not give more details.

INSIDERS BlaBlaCar becomes profitable for the first time in 12
Credits: Blablacar.

Achieving profitability is an important step for BlaBlaCar which illustrates that the rapidly growing unicorns are part of a lasting economic reality. However, let us not lose the perspective that our growth will continue to be driven by innovation, diversification and internationalization. We therefore remain above all in an investment phase», Declares Nicolas Brusson, co-Founder and CEO.

Blablacar has become strongly international and has a community of 65 million members in 22 countries. “International represents three-quarters of our activity», Explains Frédéric Mazzella, president and founder. Regarding France, the company takes the opportunity to announce that it has reached the threshold of 15 million members. Regarding the typology of users, the latter declares that “today, 40% of 18-35 year olds in France carpool on BlaBlaCar “But that they are” seniors who have become the fastest growing segment, their proportion having doubled in six years”.

#SocialShopping: Snapchat partners with Amazon to add visual search functionality

While Instagram has accelerated on the “shopping experience” within its platform for some time now, it’s Snapchat’s turn to announce efforts in this direction, in partnership with Amazon.

INSIDERS BlaBlaCar becomes profitable for the first time in 12
Credit: Snapchat

To use Snapchat’s new feature, the user will need to point the Snapchat camera at a product or barcode, and long press the screen. When the product or barcode is recognized, an Amazon listing then appears on the screen, including a link to this product or a similar product on Amazon. The service will gradually be extended to all users.

#Birthday: for its 20th anniversary, Google announces new features

AFP– Google is celebrating its twentieth anniversary and, for the occasion, unveiled on Monday a series of new features for its search engine, intended in particular to make it even more guess what may interest the Internet user, without the latter even having to to ask him.

1605266054 568 INSIDERS BlaBlaCar becomes profitable for the first time in 12
Credits: Shutterstock.

To do this, Google intends to rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning over the next twenty years, one of the managers of the American giant, Ben Gomes, explained on Monday. In the coming weeks, the group will introduce new features which consist in particular in offering the user personalized content that revolves around their areas of interest, in deepening certain subjects or posting “stories”, a format combining messages. , ephemeral images and videos very popular on the internet. In short, so many new features largely inspired by social networks, such as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram.

Google will also strengthen its “Thread” – already consulted by more than 800 million users each month: renamed “Discover”, it will offer even more content likely to interest the user: articles, videos, etc. It will offer results search terms extended to what the Internet user certainly wants to know without having done the research yet. These suggestions are based on the information available to Google on its users (location, language, etc.) and on Internet users’ general habits. For example, someone who is researching a breed of dog is likely to want to know how to care for it or how to get one. New functions will also make it possible to continue research over several days by more easily setting aside sites already visited, such as when preparing a trip for example.

Google has also indicated that it will strengthen image search, which should identify the nature of an object photographed.