[INSIDERS] BioTech: Parisian startup DNA Script opens a subsidiary in the United States

by bold-lichterman

#BioTech: Parisian startup DNA Script opens a subsidiary in the United States

DNA Script, specialized in the enzymatic synthesis of DNA, is continuing its momentum. After raising 11 million euros last year, the young Parisian startup announces the opening of a subsidiary in the United States.

INSIDERS BioTech Parisian startup DNA Script opens a subsidiary in
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She also took the opportunity to strengthen her management with a series of appointments: Jeffrey Jeddeloh, doctor of molecular genetics from Washington University in Saint-Louis, became vice-president in charge of development and commercial strategy, Stephen Macevicz, doctor of Biophysics and Law at the University of Berkeley, has been appointed Vice-President in charge of Intellectual Property and Christine Peponnet, Doctor of Human Genetics from the University of Paris VII, will occupy the position of Vice-President responsible for technological development.

In the past year, the company increased its funding level to 25 million euros, was granted two patents, filed five new patent applications and reached a workforce of 35 employees. This is just the start: we want to sell our first commercial products to our partners within 12 months. Given the importance of the American market, it is essential for us to establish a presence there and to strengthen our management team with people with solid industrial experience.», Explains the company.

Founded in 2014 by Thomas Ybert, Sylvain Gariel and Xavier Godron, DNA Script is developing a printer capable of synthesizing high quality DNA to promote innovation in science and technology. For this, this writing technology uses genetically modified enzymes instead of conventional chemical methods. Through this technology, DNA Script intends to breathe new life into the writing of genetic codes. The latter considers that its technology will accelerate the development of new therapeutic products, the ecological production of chemicals, or even the improvement of data storage in the form of DNA.

#MarTech: Splio gets its hands on the startup Gowento

For its first acquisition, Splio, a platform specializing in customer relations and omnichannel, has acquired the French startup Gowento, a customer engagement solution on mobile.

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Through this takeover, Splio wishes to become the major player in mobile CRM and modernize customer relations in depth. ” With the acquisition of Gowento, Splio places Mobile Wallets at the heart of CRM and neo-loyalty issues, making it possible in particular to digitize the loyalty card, send Wallet push notifications, and trigger a geolocated and individualized display nearby. points of sale », Explains the company.

Founded in 2015, Gowento boasts 50 customer brands like Fnac, Dessange and Nicolas and has deployed its solution in more than 60 countries.

#Rakuten: solid results over 9 months confirm ambitions

AFP – Japanese e-commerce and services group Rakuten, which has embarked on a major reorganization of its activities, on Thursday announced a 49% jump in net profit over the first 9 months of the calendar year, thanks to strong sales .

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Rakuten posted a net gain of 108 billion yen (831 million euros), on a turnover which rose 17% to 790.30 billion yen (6.09 billion EUR). Rakuten has a portfolio of some 70 activities including, in addition to e-commerce, those of travel agency, mobile operator (it does not yet have its own network but it should soon be), money manager electronics, brokerage, etc.

Rakuten, the new sponsor of the Barcelona football team, mainly collects revenue from various internet services it offers. These increased by 15% and related profits by 11%. Although the group faces stiff competition from Amazon in Japan, it has managed to retain customers with regular promotional events. It continually tries to strengthen the appeal of its virtual shopping arcade to encourage shoppers to order more with their smartphones and tablets. Abroad, he praised, as always, the performance of the American company Ebates, which offers discounts on online purchases. Rakuten is also the owner of the French online sales platform Priceminister and of the Canadian Kobo (e-readers and digital book services).

In financial services (fintech), its turnover grew by 24% and profits by 14% thanks to banking services, but the group still suffered losses in the insurance sector due to several natural disasters that occurred in September. As usual, Rakuten has not delivered quantified forecasts for 2018. The group is currently investing in particular to support start-ups. It is also actively preparing its own cellular network in order to become the true 4th largest Japanese mobile telecommunications operator, while until now it has contented itself with offering offers based on the rental of infrastructure to existing players.