[INSIDERS] An Airbnb host earns 2,100 euros on average per year in France

by bold-lichterman

  • In France, an Airbnb host earns an average of 2,100 euros per year
  • WeFix announces fundraising to expand in France
  • Who are the project leaders of companies with high potential in France?
  • Crunchbase raises $ 18 million and relies on a data platform model
  • The nominations: Charlotte Buisson, Jean-Luc Delassus, Roxane Philippe, Valéria Bessolo Llopiz, Mickael Berret, François Bachy…

airbnb-impact-france-2016Airbnb estimates its impact on the French economy at 6.5 billion euros in 2016. This is 150% more than in 2015, according to a study carried out by the platform in partnership with the consulting company Asterès. In calculating this economic impact, the company includes the income paid to its guests, as well as the expenses incurred on site by tourists (transport, catering, leisure), all multiplied by a “multiplier effect”, estimated at 1, 1 for France by the consulting firm. Airbnb estimates that a French guest earns on average 2,100 euros per year by renting out his property through him.

In terms of geographical distribution, 80% of the accommodation offered on Airbnb is not in Paris, underlines the platform, anxious to show its benefits for the entire French territory. With 8.3 million travelers using its services in France in 2016, France is indeed a key market for the Californian company. Required to collect tourist tax from its French guests since 2016, the company has already donated more than 7 million euros to 19 French municipalities in this regard.

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wefixThe phone and tablet repairer WeFix announces a fundraising campaign led by Motier of the Galerie Lafayette group, several entrepreneurs including Frédéric jousset and Olivier Duha, founders of Webhelp. The amount has not been communicated, but the acquisition of a minority stake, specifies in FrenchWeb the society.

Founded in 2012 by Gaspard Konrad and Edouard Menantaud, WeFix offers a repair service for tablets and smartphones. All you have to do is send your device to a repair center or go to a store. In 48 hours, the product is delivered to your home, repaired. The delivery service is only available in France but the company is established in 3 countries. The company is reminiscent of its rival Save, placed in receivership last summer.

With this investment, WeFix wants to expand its network in France. The start-up plans to open around 100 physical stores in shopping centers and within the Galerie Lafayette network. 200 new positions will be created. The repairer also wants to set up new offers, such as the sale of reconditioned products or the repurchase of old devices.

union-force-entrepreneurIn France, nearly 3 out of 4 businesses created are microenterprises or sole proprietorships, according to data from INSEE. Who are the 26% of entrepreneurs who embark on their project with the ambition to create more than their own job? This is the question asked by the Entreprendre Network, which specializes in supporting project leaders with high potential. In partnership with the TMO Institute, the network has drawn up a typical portrait of the entrepreneur supported within its network.

First observation, the typical entrepreneur supported by Réseau Entreprendre is 39 years old on average, and he is a man in 83% of cases. Three quarters of the winners of the network are graduates (BAC + 4 or beyond), 48% were employees before starting, and 70% start alone. Finally, in terms of sector, it was IT that experienced the strongest growth between 2015 and 2016, with a 16.6% increase in the number of entrepreneurs creating in this field.

These results are consistent with the portrait of the digital entrepreneur in France produced by FrenchWeb at the beginning of the year. The only difference being that 73% of the 577 entrepreneurs questioned as part of the study were not supported at the start of their project.

jager-mcconnelCrunchbase, the TechCrunch spin-off which has developed a database specializing in start-ups, announces a new fundraising of $ 18 million. At the same time, the company is launching a new service, Crunchbase Enterprise, dedicated to business intelligence.

It is also developing a platform model, now called “Marketplace”, which will eventually allow it to compile data from third-party sources. The service is expected to launch later this year, according to Jager mcconnel, CEO of Crunchbase. The company thus aims to become “the equivalent of LinkedIn for CVs” for everything related to data from tech companies.

brainsonicCharlotte Buisson joins Brainsonic as communications and marketing manager

Brainsonic announces the appointment of Charlotte bush as communications and marketing manager.

Mr. DelassusJean-Luc Delassus becomes Senior Advisor at Investance Partners

Jean-Luc Delassus joined Investance Partners as Senior Advisor. He previously held the position of CIO at La Banque de Détail in France.

roxane-philippeRoxane Philippe joins Hill + Knowlton Strategies as Healthcare Strategy Director

Roxane Philippe becomes Healthcare Strategy Director of Hill + Knowlton Strategies. She was previously managing director of the BY AGENCY Communication agency.

Valeria-Bessolo-LlopizSHE reorganizes her teams

The ELLE magazine has just promoted two of his collaborators. Valeria Bessolo Llopiz is promoted to international director of Elle and Elle Décoration. Mickael berret has been appointed director of international publishing licenses, digital development and syndication of the Elle and Elle Décoration brands.

Francois-BachyFrançois Bachy appointed president of the City of fashion and design

The City of Fashion and Design announces the appointment of Francois Bachy as president. He is currently director of the cultural center of Caisse des Dépôts.

matt-cainMatt Cain joins the Couchbase teams as CEO

Couchbase announces the arrival of Matt Cain as CEO. He was previously president of Veritas Technologies.

Afnic is looking for a JAVA Developer (M / F)

Afnic is a major player in the evolution of Internet technologies, 80 employees have worked daily for nearly 20 years to develop the Internet in France, by providing Internet users and digital players with a French infrastructure. robust, resilient and efficient domain names.

Serving the French internet community, Afnic is the .fr registration office, which it makes available to everyone through a distribution network of nearly 500 registrars, in France and abroad. ‘International, as well as French extensions from overseas, but also on new generic domain names, such as .paris, .bzh, .alsace, .ovh …

Afnic is an association that operates like an innovative SME and practices a culture of continuous improvement, seeking daily to improve its performance in terms of price, product quality, customer relations and technical performance. Our teams are proud to work and offer a technological infrastructure and essential Internet services.

You show a genuine interest in understanding and participating in the evolutions of tomorrow’s Internet and wish to actively contribute to it; join us, we are recruiting!


Perform technical analysis:

  • Needs analysis (according to expression of need and / or specifications) and communication for validation

  • Development of technical specifications

  • Participation in the evaluation of charges

Develop applications:

  • Research and evaluation of software solutions that can meet the needs expressed

  • Realization (development / integration / configuration of existing solutions)

Participate in carrying out the tests:

  • Unit and integration tests

  • User training and 3rd level assistance

  • Documentation (points of view of realization, use, exploitation

Perform corrective and evolutive maintenance:

  • Administration of reusable components (documentation, nomenclatures, etc.)

  • Monitoring of technological developments related to the work environment

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